Bring Touch Control to the Arduino. Use interesting touch sensors like Carrots or Beets to make a "Beetbox".

In this instructable you will learn:

* How to use the Cap Sense library to make Arduino responsive to touch
* How adding a Wave Shield (and some root vegetables), you can make a "Beetbox"

Step 1: You Will Need

For the Touch Sensor part you will need:
* Arduino UNO
* A 4.7M Ohm resistor  (or a value similar to that) (one for each sense channel)
* Breadboard for wiring up e.g. (http://goo.gl/1E1iI)
* Some Wires

For an initial experiment to show how touch sensing works:
* An LED
* a 560 Ohm resistor

For the "Beetbox" part:
* Some Root Vegetables (such as a Beet)
* An Adafruit Wave Shield as shown  http://goo.gl/KUUZz
* The WaveHC library for Arduino (http://www.ladyada.net/make/waveshield/download.html)

Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit
<p>I am trying to make it, but i don't understand which parts of the code i have to change to make it work for me. Further more, my sounds play only shortly and start over the entire time and don't finish playing. </p>
<p>Step 7 contains all of the code you need.</p><p>The repeatedly playing is probably because the capacitive touch is not calibrated. The calibration procedure is in Step 6.</p><p>Also if you uncomment the line:</p><p><em>//#define DEBUG</em></p><p>you will get some debug comments printed to the screen that may help you debug.<br></p>

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