Picture of Just Veggin with an Arduino Beetbox
Bring Touch Control to the Arduino. Use interesting touch sensors like Carrots or Beets to make a "Beetbox".

In this instructable you will learn:

* How to use the Cap Sense library to make Arduino responsive to touch
* How adding a Wave Shield (and some root vegetables), you can make a "Beetbox"

Step 1: You Will Need

For the Touch Sensor part you will need:
* Arduino UNO
* A 4.7M Ohm resistor  (or a value similar to that) (one for each sense channel)
* Breadboard for wiring up e.g. (http://goo.gl/1E1iI)
* Some Wires

For an initial experiment to show how touch sensing works:
* An LED
* a 560 Ohm resistor

For the "Beetbox" part:
* Some Root Vegetables (such as a Beet)
* An Adafruit Wave Shield as shown  http://goo.gl/KUUZz
* The WaveHC library for Arduino (http://www.ladyada.net/make/waveshield/download.html)

Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit
DemmyM3 months ago

I am trying to make it, but i don't understand which parts of the code i have to change to make it work for me. Further more, my sounds play only shortly and start over the entire time and don't finish playing.

akellyirl (author)  DemmyM3 months ago

Step 7 contains all of the code you need.

The repeatedly playing is probably because the capacitive touch is not calibrated. The calibration procedure is in Step 6.

Also if you uncomment the line:

//#define DEBUG

you will get some debug comments printed to the screen that may help you debug.