A Table Can Be a Workshop Too




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Introduction: A Table Can Be a Workshop Too

About: I am a paper engineer, writer, maker and chemist wannabe. In addition to pop-up cards I design and build furniture, lights, costumes or whatever I happen to need at the time. Lipstick, a mixing studio, all-p...

As sad as it is, this is my workshop... It's OK for making pop-up cards or even stained glass, but when I'm building lights or furniture it's not so great. In those cases my living room becomes my workshop. That works OK, except when painting, fumes or excessive dust are involved. Workshop of last resort: fire escape.



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    you work with what you've got, nice use of space, I'd go nuts though

    "Access a a little"? I think you mean "Access is a little".

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    Yes -- but there must be some sort of weird computer glitch going on, because when I try to edit the caption it does say "access is a little." In Safari the caption first came out as "a a little" then changed to "is a little" after I republished... On Firefox, however, it still said "a a little." Oh well. Thanks for letting me know. I hate typos.

    Just wanted to let you know.