High Powered, Long Range, Extremely Accurate Pen Bow!!!


Introduction: High Powered, Long Range, Extremely Accurate Pen Bow!!!

This is another one of those famous pen bows!!! =) Enjoy! P.S. these things are kind of powerful, don't aim at someone.
DISCLAIMER: You can't sue me if you break anything with this. Including people and animals. This is my first Instructable so please be sure to post any comments/tips/pointers/constructive criticism. Sorry the pics aren't really that great...they were taken from a web cam...well enjoy!

EDIT: Thanks to all you Instructablers who gave me over 3,000 views!

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this simple bow:

1. A used,dried out pen that you can easily take apart(it would be good if it is used so your not wasting)
2. 2 thick, powerful rubber bands
3. about 7 paper clips ( you may not need them all)
4. A straw.
5. Scotch Tape

Step 2: Take Apart the Pen

You know the drill, just take apart the pen. Save the insides, we'll use them later.

Step 3: Making the Body

Tape 4 paper clips together in a row very firmly, then tape one or two more on the bottom or top if it isn't stable enough. SEE PIC. Now, just tape this to the empty pen barrell. Cut the straw in half and tape one part to either side of the paper clip thingamabob. SEE PIC.

Step 4: Attaching the Rubber Bands

First, tape the two rubber bands together so that they look like one thick rubber band. Then, just cut them in half and tape them onto the empty pen barrel. SEE PIC. You might want to make sure you can pull back the rubber band without it flying off, it really hurts if it does.

Step 5: Ammo

There are two choices for ammunition that i know of: wooden skewers and the pen part. For wooden skewers, its pretty simple, just place it on the paper clip thingamabob, pull back the rubber band, aim, and BAM! Same thing for the pen part pretty much. Some ways to modify your arrows are: Cut out 3 fins from cardboard or thick paper, glue them on to your arrow, and you can cut out a nose cone, attach it to the front of your arrows, and it is now more aerodynamic. I personally don't modify my arrows because it messes it up sometimes, and i usually use the wooden skewers because they work better as arrows.

Step 6: FIRE!!!

Well, um, yea this part is pretty self explanatory, so, have fun with your new pen bow and arrow!!!

P.S. Please post any tips in the comments so I can improve!(special shout out to postapoc's bic pen bow and arrow instructable)This thing is tons of fun at school, work, wherever you are! You can mess around with people and drive them crazy!



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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    yo add another half a straw to both sides close to the end to make it look like a crossbow!

    yo awesome send me more shooters if you make more

    Add a laser pointer to it.

    u could try to add fire to the tip that would be cool

    11 replies

    wrap it in gasoline soaked cloth, light and fire as quick as u can! PYROMANIACS FOR THE WIN!!!

    Kerosene works better...

    lol a true pyromaniac you are... now how can i get my hands on some cheap kerosene??

    antique lamps? YES MAH BROTHA!! their filled w/ the stuff. i would suggestmaking one of these without that much tape. especially if your gonna put highly flammable liquids on it. when tape burns, it SHTINKKS! so yeah....

    well if not tape, glue realy doesn't work, unless you soak it in it which would be kinda cool, what does fire do to glue?

    have you heard of rubber bands? just use 'em the same way you use the string or tape or whatever

    You reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly wanna know, kid? <whisper> It opens a black hole in front of the sun, sucking all of our daylight in, trapping us in eternal darkness, leaving us to die a horrible, cruel death... </whisper> ooor it just melts it and/or burns it... matters what kind.

    elmers...that is obviously the black hole one...DUH!!! XD

    lol yup!

    If you go to a small (ma and pa sized) hardware store, next to the solvents (usually) there should be large gallon+ sized containers of kerosene, they cost around $12-$22.

    there is a video im gona show you with mine in it this is a older version and im gona do a new one soon the new one sent a pen ink through 15 sheets of paper and halfway into my wall and it has a laser pointer on it (witch actualy helps beleive it or not!

    this is the worst crossbow ever i had to modified so it will work.