A different way to make paste that is way easier than wheat paste recipes and it is just as good. Benefits of this are that it doesn't stink while being stored,you don't need to refrigerate it,and its made from house hold materials you probably won't even spend any money in the production oh yeah and its super fast to make and use when using it on da streets it never needs to be stirred again it after it was stirred in production

In 1990, the University of Washington measured the holding power of various adhesives:

Adhesive Peel Test
Rice Paste 7.9 lbs
Wheat Paste 8.1 lbs
White Glue (full strength) 7.5 lbs
White Glue (diluted 1:1 with water) 8.1

Step 1: Materials

Roller or Paintbrush
Permanent Marker
White Glue
Most. Phallic. Main Image. EVER.
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the whole point of wheat paste is to offer a safe to the environment alternative to graffiti. you can paste things up and they will naturally ddeteriorate off the wall with out ruining the wall. it also is better for the environment then elmers glue.
elmers glue is made from wood pulp and dead animals. the only thing that is unnatural is a bit of bleach to make it white.
I use this paste &quot;recipe&quot; as it is called in the Paper Mache world for any outdoor sculptures vs white flour paste so as to NOT tempt hungry insects or critters.<br> <br> I always use the white flour paste recipe for indoor pieces but with a variation.<br> <br> 6 parts flour<br> 1 part liquid starch<br> 1 part white glue ( PVA )<br> 1.5 - 2 Tablespoons of regular table salt<br> (This amount of salt works well if the units or &quot;parts&quot; are 1/3 cup. The addition of SALT stops the smell or any mold from growing and I have stored it in a sealed container in the refrigerator for months.)<br> <br> Add warm water to get a thin pancake batter like mix. It can be tinted with latex or acrylic paint as well.<br>
hey, kool i do a LOT&nbsp; of art like this and iv fownd wheat past that u cook is a lot better and leas $$$ to make. i can use stuff i have and fill a big jif can to the top. 3:1 water to flower i use 1 cup flw.&nbsp;to 3 cups wat. if u can e mail me some art pic and ill send u some back.&nbsp; (<a href="mailto:slojustindean@gmail.com">slojustindean@gmail.com</a>) hope to here back from u.
err. im sure everyone knows how to do this..
Actually I didn't.
Neither did I
so you never used it once in your life?
me neither
never heard of it
thank u
sorry ill re-phrase, i meant , im sure everyone knows how to use white glue.
Water is usually the anti-sticky. I never though to mix my elmers with water to make it stickier. Thanks :) I have a project this is needed for!
This could work, guys, don't knock it. I'm just wondering if it has the same sticking power as wheatpaste. If anything, the glue would make it a bit more waterproof than regular wheatpaste. Think a little before you criticize.
Uhhhh.... the little icon for this instructable looks pretty wrong, just so you know :P
yeah, i am definitely going to use this more than wheat paste. one time i left a bottle full of wheat paste out in my room for like 4 hours, when i came home it smelt horrible and the smell would'nt go away.
I don't know why people are being so negative.<br/><br/>Although I think I'll stick to wheat paste for now =]<br/>
So this is PVA then? This looks more like 'how to use PVA' than 'A different way to make paste' - is that right? L

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