How to Paint the Justice League Mural




Introduction: How to Paint the Justice League Mural

Just completed The Justice League Mural on a 8'-0" x 12'-0" room wall - with a little drawing and painting skills, a ship load of time, patience and determination, anyone can do this mural... of course, if you really have the MAD skills to draw and paint from memory (which is a great deal of commitment), you wouldn't have to create the grid; but this project is for the curious and art inspired moms and dads whom has a lot of time in their crib - this method will give you fairly the same result as your talented friend or neighbor - it just takes a little courage and a bit of an inspirational push to get it going...

The process is simple. You start out measuring/mapping out the room/wall size, draw & match the wall size to the source artwork size in proportion, measure & create a grid (same proportion) on the wall using color sewing thread and push-pins as shown, various size paint brushes, a bowl of water, large bottles of acrylic paint, grab some coffee and snacks, put on some inspirational music and hit the START button!

The last image is of a previous porch-side mural... creativity is inside everyone; it just takes time, patience, perseverance & determination to dig it out into the open...

Here's a video - Fast forward to the 7:10 time mark!



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