Picture of K'nex Programmable Automaton
A K'nex automaton with a programmable path. This alternating design was originally conceived by Heron of Alexandria.

I don't have enough string, so I could only run the short program shown in the video.

Step 1: Build Frame and Motor Components

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arrow shot7 years ago
where can i get that dual switch motor thingy? is it a knex set?
That's an All Terrain Trekker motor, I'm lucky, got 2 in newstate. It's discontinued (WHY???), so the only way to get it is to eBay it.

Really? I have an all terrain trekker set and I thought it was nothing special. When did the discontinue it?

ACtually, any sort of carnival set has motors, two way too!
crestind (author)  arrow shot7 years ago
Any motor will work from this model. That particular motor has been discontinued.
i can never figure out why they stopped making that motor. it was around the best one they made.
And the cyberknex too, WHY??? And WHY??? do they create STUPID BRICKS NOW!
I totally agree.
crestind (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
Yeah :D Thanks to everybody who voted.
no problem :-)
lukeD4 years ago
can you use a other motor like this or something???

Tailslvr7_77 years ago
I don't get how you program it.
Wow! Tails lover haha.
Yeah, when I made this account, I was OBSESSED with Tails... Back on-topic with K'nex and string program... No I didn't make it yet, but I'll find some K'nex and some string and try to make it.
Your basically wrapping the stings so that it unravel at different intervals.. From there gears, gun and wheels may be moved, activated, cocked and what have you. -Not quite Anom delivers, Chris
crestind (author)  Tailslvr7_77 years ago
Have you built it yet? All you do is loop the strings around the greys in different patterns and it will affect the movement. No loops means it goes straight.
Foaly75 years ago
I'm a little confused on the programming. It just doesn't seem explained well enough.
Foaly7 Foaly75 years ago
Okay, so do you change whether it's over or under by wrapping the string around the grey connector that was added, the change it from there? As in, L/5o/8u//
After the 5o, you wrap the string around the connector at five, then go under 8, coming back to the connector at five?
crestind (author)  Foaly75 years ago
The string needs to pass 5 rods over and then 8 rods under, so on the sixth rod you would be switching to under by wrapping around a grey connector. The numbers are irrelevant for most programs unless you need something especially precise.
Foaly75 years ago
When I got some of the filler for my giant tub full of K'nex, (it's seriously full up.) I found a thing to make a robot in the instruction manual. I think I could build that onto this, to give it a little height.
webby4275 years ago
No offence but I prefer Mikey13's one because it's smaller and more piece efficient but this is good 4.5* and a sub
crestind (author)  webby4275 years ago
The size of my automaton will not increase significantly with an increase in the length of the script.
size of the robot/car
I have had a go at making my own programmable robot, with a repetitive program however I have not uploaded it -should i post? :
Go for it, looks really cool!
The Jamalam6 years ago
I bet you hate me for straying into weaponary... but I am going to add a gatling gun to the top of this :P
crestind (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
You could program the gatling gun to fire at specific intervals probably if you had a string pull a trigger every so often.
I loved this, never had the pieces.. i do now and i want to program it for a certian purpose. I've set several knex weapons up to cock back with one string, fire with the other.. I was having fun doing ti from a far distance but then i rememebred this.. Its dying for a shooting
That would be awesome.
GMer566 years ago
The days of computers with punchcards are making a comeback with this instructable.
The Jamalam6 years ago
yay! you mentioned me ty lol
I think you don't need special K'NEX strings. Try using a normal household string?
this is just bog standard thread
1 month ago lol
The Jamalam6 years ago
Here is a sample script: L/8u/5o/8u/5o// etc R/5o/8u/5o/8u// etc Giives a sort of Snakey S shaped path Here's another one: L/32u// R/32o// Goes around in circles. lol fun to watch
crestind (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Wow sweet thanks! If you want you can name your script and I'll add it.
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