K-4DO the Action Figure of Yesteryear





Introduction: K-4DO the Action Figure of Yesteryear

Ladies and gentlemen, the toy of yesteryear, K-4DO.  An all metal robot toy built to entertain children.  K-4 has fully articulated arms and stands on its own two feet.  It is armed with a sword and shield (removable).  The robot's head is a brass bell, it has a steel body and arms, brass legs, and copper feet.  It is held together by pop rivets and is about the size of any action figure (watch out C-3PO).  It is as durable as any other toy and still as cool as can be! 
Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my robot!



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    I like him but I'm a tin robot collector, this guy looks a great deal like Atomic Robot Man.


    Oh well great minds think alike and obviously you think like a good robot designer, oh and Atomic robot was the first robot I ever bought many years ago.

    Thats crazy! They look so similar!

    It looks really cool! I will try make one!

    Thanks, if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them!

    not really no questions but one suggestion according to me would be having a bigger shield...its only my opinion so....others may think differently!

    But good job on this!

    Yeah, that would be really cool!

    nice men can you teach me how to do that :))) plss :))) PLSS :))))

    Well... I took no photos during the building and I used a lot of found items. But it is pretty easy to get into metalworking. All it requires is some artistic ability and a few simple tools: tinsnips, a riveting tool, pliers, and a drill with drill bits!