K-9 the Autonomous Robot Pet





Introduction: K-9 the Autonomous Robot Pet

His autonomous programming prevents him from getting stuck as he explores his surroundings. A 3-D map of the environment assists in his decisions and movements. Programming detects human interaction and affects his activity. EMIC voice module allows him to speak. IR detection allows him to follow infrared sources (remote controls) or an IR infrared ball. Pager motors let his ears spin. LED's for eyes. Sharp analog IR sensor for distance on his nose. 2 Servo's let his head move up/down and left/right.

His brain is the EZ-B from the EZ-Robot Project. Available at http://www.ez-robot.com

Lots of specifications and videos can be found here: http://www.dj-sures.com/robots



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    now that's what i call a cute puppy

    Great. Now how do you make it ?

    i would pay you money to make a steampunk looking version of this.

    some one has see ez-robot.com for all your robotic needs.

    Very, very nice. Now someone needs to build a sonic screwdriver, and then a TARDIS.

    I got those already. Just would like to do more with my Sonic Screwdriver that recharge glow in the dark paint. (open Doors, hack through computers, blow down electronics)

    I have a suggestion for you... 1. Move to Cardiff and live in a tent near the fountain thing by the rift. 2. Wait for the Doctor to come to "refuel" 3a. Beg him for his sonic screwdriver 3b. If all else fails hit him over the head, take his screwdriver, leave a note saying your sorry but had no choice, and flee the country