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HomuraRun2 years ago
Why did you steal this from podpadstudios? Why would take the time to do that? You could have just built your own.
podpadstudios2 years ago
Hello again. I have contacted the webmaster of this site and asked that your posts be removed due to breach of copyright. Your post is blatant theft. Up to this point I have not placed copy protection on any of my websites however your actions might have to change this. For any other readers, I am the original builder of this K9 and a number of other robots all used to raise money for charity.
The website these images where stolen from is here I also have a Youtube channel where I post updates to all my builds.
If you see this person posting more of Podpadstudios robots and claiming they belong to them please could you inform the site webmaster.
podpadstudios2 years ago
Hi, can you tell me who you have stolen my K9 design and called it your own.
Here is my Blog,
I build these robots to raise money for charity and don't appreciate others stealing my designs and taking credit or a great deal of hard work. Please remove this material as it is breach of copyright.
Regards Podpad studioss.