Picture of K-Cup display trays
Many K-cup holders available out there look like contemporary industrial designs that have no warmth. I also have a Veu machine so I added a notch in another similar unit for those. Two cedar fence boards a couple dowels and some rubber non slip footies to keep it from sliding. Very easy to make in one day.
falk2 years ago
Any chance of posting the design?
rneulreich (author)  falk2 years ago
Sorry been away. I will post demensions this week.

This this is great! Any chance on those dimensions?

piks2 years ago
What's a K-Cup??????
rneulreich (author)  piks2 years ago
K-cups are small plastic cups with filters and coffee inside used in Keurig coffee brewers. This allows people to make a single cup of coffee instead of an entire pot of coffee. Pretty popular these days look up the Keurig system.