Picture of K'nex AST Rifle
Special Rifle Design Featuring Rapid-fire Capability

Type: Rifle(AST)
Weight: ~500 grams
Ammo Type: 13 centimeter Red Rod
Range: 10 meters
Firing Interval: 1 second
Mag Capacity: 17
Mag Reload Time: 20 seconds
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Step 1: Gather Materials

- 20 White
- 31 Yellow
- 11 Green
- 6 Red
- 20 Orange
- 3 Light Grey
- 13 Grey

End Connectors
- 8 Brown

- 1 Grey
- 23 Red
- 10 Yellow
- 4 Blue
- 48 White
- 65 Green

- 1 rubber band (works best with one from head of broccoli)
- 3 doubled regular rubber bands. (Twist to "8" and down to double)

- Tape (clear)
- Paper

Step 2: Side Layer Template

Picture of Side Layer Template
This shows the side of the gun without the center layer, which is the next step. Do not start building this layer, but use this as a reference to attach pieces to the center layer.

You will need 2 of these for the sides of the rifle.

Step 3: Construct Center Layer

Picture of Construct Center Layer
Begin building this center layer. This is the lower portion of the gun barrel. If you plan on using this gun for a long time, you may want to cover the marked portion with 3 layers of clear tape. Over time, the firing pin will cut into the joints of the pieces. You may start putting down tape from the right side up to the yellow piece.

Step 4: Combined Layers Template

Picture of Combined Layers Template
This diagram shows the position of the three layers. Do not start building the layer from Step 2 yet.

Step 5: Combine Layers

Picture of Combine Layers
So you probably figured out why I suggested not building the side layers. Now you can easily attach the connectors from the side layers to the white rods.

Step 6: Construct Firing Pin and Trigger

Picture of Construct Firing Pin and Trigger
See notes for construction details.

Step 7: Complete Trigger - Top View

Picture of Complete Trigger - Top View
Top view of trigger once attached to frame. Note the brown hubcap connectors used to secure the ends of the blue rods.
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crestind (author) 1 year ago
Good lord what a flimsy crap trigger I designed lol. Still one of the first K'nex guns on this site though...
crestind (author) 1 year ago
Kind of funny how the trigger prevents everyone from building this model LOL
~KnexBuild~3 years ago
awesome pistol 4*
mahmel3 years ago
I don't see how it works.. for nearly 5 years now:)
stop spamming, nobody cares.
stop spamming, nobody cares.
wiishadow44 years ago
 i've been stuck on this step for about 2 hours now.
this trigger doesn't quite act as a "trigger"
ryry20114 years ago
cool will you sub i sub
im pretty sure its a good gun
CuddlesMcT4 years ago
Somebody plays Armored Core :D
crestind (author)  CuddlesMcT4 years ago
Another AC fan :D As I'm sure you've noticed I was pretty obsessed with AC for a while lol
Lol same! I have every single one but not the NEXT ones, or PP or MOA
crestind (author)  CuddlesMcT4 years ago
The only ones I'm missing are the PSX ones and AC Ninebreaker. ACLR was probably the best AC. The older ones are so hard to find now.
I know right? LRs the only one i still play. To me Ninebreaker was like a variety of AC tests.
usb key4 years ago
you definetly need pictures and further explaination for the toggle deally.
i can not figure out the trigger part
wertywaster4 years ago
Y did u put red rods for the bullet!
wiishadow44 years ago
 i've been stuck on this step for about 2 hours now...
 now 3 and a half, i am not lying.
crestind (author)  wiishadow44 years ago
 If you take pictures of what you have, I might be able to help you.
do you have to get the knex then ship it do it use your knex
crestind (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Sorry for late reply, but that link doesn't work anymore. Where would you buy this?
Who the hell in their right mind would buy this???????? IAC's spiff uses roughly the same parts, and is way powerful
This was up for sale before the Spiff ever appeared.
Whatever, i'm just saying. $30 ius way too high for a... well, let's just say... a gun like this.
Normally, you dont buy a knex set because of what you can make with it. You buy it because of what parts it has.
Agreed, but a 400 piece tub for $20 or £20 has a better overall parts list.
This gun probably uses more than 400 parts, and it also comes with no micro knex and no knex bricks!
Sorry for late reply, but this gun (including rubberbands) uses 267 parts, this would be good for about $20 because of no micro and what not. BUT this is used parts and $30 for 400 NEW parts is better than $30/$20 267 USED parts. I'm just saying, I got 30 pounds of USED knex for $20, and it had well over 3000 parts.
No..... 20 quid for a 400 piece bucket would be a ripoff.
LOL, I am going to count those pieces, and see if the gun is really worth that. I'll post results later on... LOL.
cool thanks
Seleziona5 years ago
gotta love Ol' Skool guns!
KnexFreek5 years ago
my gun that shoots red shoots alot farther and looks cooler 
crestind (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
Congratulations! You've won a free internet!
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