Picture of K'nex AST Rifle
Special Rifle Design Featuring Rapid-fire Capability

Type: Rifle(AST)
Weight: ~500 grams
Ammo Type: 13 centimeter Red Rod
Range: 10 meters
Firing Interval: 1 second
Mag Capacity: 17
Mag Reload Time: 20 seconds

Step 1: Gather Materials

- 20 White
- 31 Yellow
- 11 Green
- 6 Red
- 20 Orange
- 3 Light Grey
- 13 Grey

End Connectors
- 8 Brown

- 1 Grey
- 23 Red
- 10 Yellow
- 4 Blue
- 48 White
- 65 Green

- 1 rubber band (works best with one from head of broccoli)
- 3 doubled regular rubber bands. (Twist to "8" and down to double)

- Tape (clear)
- Paper
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crestind (author) 2 years ago
Good lord what a flimsy crap trigger I designed lol. Still one of the first K'nex guns on this site though...
crestind (author) 2 years ago
Kind of funny how the trigger prevents everyone from building this model LOL
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
awesome pistol 4*
mahmel4 years ago
I don't see how it works.. for nearly 5 years now:)
stop spamming, nobody cares.
stop spamming, nobody cares.
wiishadow45 years ago
 i've been stuck on this step for about 2 hours now.
this trigger doesn't quite act as a "trigger"
ryry20114 years ago
cool will you sub i sub
im pretty sure its a good gun
CuddlesMcT4 years ago
Somebody plays Armored Core :D
crestind (author)  CuddlesMcT4 years ago
Another AC fan :D As I'm sure you've noticed I was pretty obsessed with AC for a while lol
Lol same! I have every single one but not the NEXT ones, or PP or MOA
crestind (author)  CuddlesMcT4 years ago
The only ones I'm missing are the PSX ones and AC Ninebreaker. ACLR was probably the best AC. The older ones are so hard to find now.
I know right? LRs the only one i still play. To me Ninebreaker was like a variety of AC tests.
usb key5 years ago
you definetly need pictures and further explaination for the toggle deally.
i can not figure out the trigger part
wertywaster5 years ago
Y did u put red rods for the bullet!
wiishadow45 years ago
 i've been stuck on this step for about 2 hours now...
 now 3 and a half, i am not lying.
crestind (author)  wiishadow45 years ago
 If you take pictures of what you have, I might be able to help you.
Seleziona5 years ago
gotta love Ol' Skool guns!
KnexFreek5 years ago
my gun that shoots red shoots alot farther and looks cooler 
crestind (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
Congratulations! You've won a free internet!
 sorry about my mean comment boasting my gun, i was just reading tons of great comments on yours and i have like 1 good comment on mine and i was impulsive and i wrote that

but... free internet? wtf?lol
crestind (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
This gun was originally published in 2006, and was one of the original K'nex guns. That's partially why.
oh well then i will change my rating to 4stars
~Z~5 years ago
could u pls post a picture of the trigger sideways?
rosser6 years ago
where do the yellow things go dude?
rosser6 years ago
cool weopen I really liked it! : 0
An Villain6 years ago
magazine is not very strong, but that can be fixed.
Bartboy6 years ago
Not a good enough instructable. But the gun is quite cool, the trigger needs more pics, and you need to take close-ups of the finished gun. 4*
knexguy Bartboy6 years ago
You do realise this was one of the first ever K'nex guns, right? And I could build it 2 years ago.
Bartboy knexguy6 years ago
You do realize that I am talking about the quality of the pics, not the gun. Although, this gun isn't very good... So? Being 2 years old is no excuse for something not to work. A 2 year old computer doesn't get respect because it is 2 years old.
U Suck...
No offense, but what do you know?
i know that the pics of guns u made are not creative or really that good, its easy to see you over exagerrated the distance that ur guns shoot. they lack a barrel, all they are are basic pistols wit long stocks, if you want to talk about power i made a small crossbow roughly 1/2' long that can hold two small taught bungee cords without even showing signs of bending let alone breaking, also it shoot completely through my wall and is very well thought out to be able to withstand such power wit its size, should i post it?
His specialty is not in knex guns.
You only looked at my pistol....the point of a pistol is to be small.... But it is stronger than this gun. I build rifles. Over exagerated? How many feet long is a honda pilot? About 10 feet . My rifles all go at least 10 times the length of the car, and that's without sniper rods. Some can even break glass from 10 feet. Sure, why would I care if you posted? K'nex crossbow are (almost) all useless. The point of a bow is to use the power of the bow bending for power, but if you use bungee cords, you're cheating.....
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