This is great fun and gose quite fast. Also its not that hard to make. 

Step 1: The Wheel

Your gona need 2 of these.

Step 2: The Seats

your gona need 8.

Step 3: The Moter

If you dont have a moter you can always push it by hand.

Step 4: The Stand

This bit is easy

Step 5: Putting It Togher

<p>i have the old motar help</p>
I got the insturctions for this in a booklet to one of my value tubs.
woohoo u kan build from instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what color are the rods<br /> <br />
i made ppl and hung them on the cars and made my own wheel of death thing from saw 6
hey due the boxes you buy the knex in, have blue spacers?&nbsp;i'm making I_AM_CANADINS heavy cannon and i need blue spacer but i can't remember if blue spacers come in this so answer ASAP!<br />
Hi im not 100% shure of what you mean, but i think i do . if you men thelittle blue rings that put gaps in the bars then yes it does. i have the blue box. hope this helps.
yes exactly! thank you! and just so you know thier called blue spacers or spacers<br />
cool i just built it there hardcore
i have just put s siber moter on look
That looks pritty cool :D
it is from the book i think... how much you wana bet someone put many barels on it to make it a realy large gatlin gun (even tou trainman has a biger 1... and same do i but mines biger then any on website for its realy the 2nd largest feris wheel of knex with like over 200 barrels) lol
What's that in the background of your new pic?
art from the band &quot;Of Montreal&quot; their ablum &quot;hissing fauna are you the destroyer&quot;<br/><br/>glad someone noticed =)<br/>
Um, so it's just a painting?
umm i guess its on their CD, i like it and edited it to be behind my picture and ther we go.
Were do I go?
if you want it <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/archives/Hissingfauna.jpg">here</a><br/>
No, you said " and there we go" that means us, but I don't know where 2 go...
oh opps srry its an New york thing i think "and there we go!" means like thats how i did it.
I'm joking with you I am not that dumb. LoL
...just remember people cant hear sarcasm through text...
LoL, sorry sir.
I remember I made on as a kid. But instead of the clockwork thin to propel it, I instead built a little annexe for it to the right hand side and the wheel was locked onto the central spoke (the grey piece through the middle in your photo) so that the spoke and wheel could rotate but not independently of each other., then I added a big wheel also located on the central spoke that was also locked to it. Then I had a rubber band that fitted over the top of it, and went down into the little annexe and went round another wheel, a handle came out of the annexe and as you turned the handle the wheel went around.
I mean I made one except bigger
thats from a book i made except bigger
i made one of these.. and it was from a book.. i wonder
you copied the instrutions from the book. you PLAYGERRISED IT
don't be meen!
yo man i wudent b talkin
well it is true
plagerism! plagerism! teather, they get an F!
could we use a regular motor?
looks good, i'm gonna make one later

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