Picture of my original K'nex gun
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... this gun was built

Step 1: PIECES

Picture of PIECES

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CorgiCritter6 months ago
One of the best single shot pistols! For such an old gun it shoots great. I was easily able to get 180 feet with 4 117 bands. Classic!
joe ~~~~~~~2 years ago
the most viewd gun... (3 sec. pause) ...is a  BLOCK TRIGGER!
It's because this was the "first" knex gun.
"Second"* Look up Knex Basic Cannon. Made on jun 7 06

it's a block trigger cannon with no handle. i call this first gun

TheRacker2 years ago
It's funny because this gun is still capable of shooting much farther/harder than lots of recent designs. I love it.
dude its made in 2006!
dude its made in 2006!
Nice gun.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  BleSam1122333 years ago
It is an old gun but one that would be fun to update
Yeah, if you did I would love to see it.
knexsniper16 years ago
two questions. 1. why is that the name of this step? 2. are those clear ones as strong as the black ones?
It is stronger than black because (I think) it's made of carbon
NYPA Lowney5 years ago
Both are made of carbon.
Lowney NYPA5 years ago
I think black is just solid core plastic. I don't actually know though
black is caarbon. the strongest rod out there (knex)
The white clear rods are actually slightly stronger.
the green rods are the strongest, try snapping one of them, :D
Dashadower3 years ago
there's many,many reproductions of this
didexo3 years ago
Its pretty funny how on the video people were hating and know your like famous ahah
cool knex133 years ago
Knex Lego Maniac (author) 5 years ago
Does it do anything aside from substitute a mace?
the grenade shoots rods out in all directions and is really effective i have some vids on youtube if u want to check em out look up KILLERK or knex grenade or something like that
is there insterutions on the gernade
Stop doing that or im gonna toss a real one through your window at night... XD
enough of the grenade already!
jack123544 years ago
this gun is awesome but i got my hand all num and red from putting the pieces together >.<
CraftySNAK35 years ago
was this like the first knex gun... if not the wat is?
It's around the 12th knex gun posted on the site/
where are the other 11?
I know about 6 of them, (Your name here) posted the first 2, irwinner's semi-auto RBG was also there, then oodalumps's first 2 guns, and Crestind's AST rifle. I think the rest of them were either bad block triggers or bad gatling guns.
Ok, cool! But the other ones with the block triggers and bad gatling guns ?
this was the first knex gun that was famous
Vynash8 years ago
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