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knexsniper16 years ago
two questions. 1. why is that the name of this step? 2. are those clear ones as strong as the black ones?
It is stronger than black because (I think) it's made of carbon
xadevox6 years ago
ugh.... how am i supposed to build this gun from pic////
needles3006 years ago
I can make the ram rod alot stronger, if you want to know just reply.
LePyro7 years ago
Hey I be new around here, but i want to say to KILLERK: MAKE A SHOTGUN MAKE A SHOTGUN MAKE A SHOTGUN MAKE A SHOTGUN XD
smidge1477 years ago
this is soooooo simple to build.
StyleCore7 years ago
Can i add instructions for this. I will if your to busy.
nibuoy7 years ago
can you add a Instructable for this?
Vynash8 years ago
Hey, everyone im new.
devenda Vynash7 years ago
hello!!! and have lots of fun with knex!!
Vynash devenda7 years ago
ive been a member for awhile lol but thanks that is a very nice comment
bruce9118 years ago
Are those bendy rods in step 19???
Knexpert248 years ago
KILLERK, I have a couple of uestions about your MG. Please respond to them. First, What type of K'nex Motor does it use? like which one did you use? so I can get it and be prepared. Second, Can you post the first so I can build the one with rubberbands? Third, does the using rubberbands jam? Fourth, Can you post the using rubberbands soon? Please! And Fifth, when will all of it be posted?!! Sorry I have asked so many questions, but still, please respond to them.
KILLERK, are you ever going to respond to my questions?
Sorry, it is supposed to be 'does the ONE using...'
I don't know why but in my comment above the cite took out all of the word 'one.'
Knexpert248 years ago
Knex Magnetised Pistol Hey guys, I have posted my K'nex Magnetised Pistol, Check it out!
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
i can't view it the link don't work i want 2 c it so bad
Some people on my page say that it is just another silly toy gun, but they have not seen it shoot 60+ feet accurately with no sniper-round. Try typing in Knexpert24 in the search box, then click on the first box: it should be on that next page.
Knexpert248 years ago
Yeah this gun has the same performance as the original. I figured it out with no instructions.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
nice! do u like the look of it? or better yet what due u like about it?
I like the fact that it looks very cool and it is lightweight compared to the original. I used paintball CO2 cannister O-rings as the tiny rubberbands holding the two yellow rods in.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
cool u know u can get clear O-rings right? i play paintball speedball style
Yeah, I know. I play paintball almost every weekend at a place called full throttle paintball in Florida
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
COOL i play up in Flint MI at a THE BUNKER it is sweet
Knexpert248 years ago
Hey KILLERK, I read your Orangeboard with everything about the supermagnets. I think that I'm prepared because I bought thirty of the supermagnet blocks off of Ebay. Now that I am all caught up with everything, when do you think that the Machine Gun will be posted? Oh, and I was just curious, will rubberbands still function as the source of power for the MG?
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
mostlikely on the first model
Are there two models? And if so, are they about the same as far as performance goes? Without the magnets, how far do you think the first model will shoot. Sorry I ask so many questions, I just can't wait to build it. Please post it soon with or without the magnets!
Oh, and please post the first model using rubberbands so I can do some testing comparing and contrasting the two models and performance aspects and so I can try to build my own version using rubberbands.
Knexpert248 years ago
Hey guys, the magnetic pistol should be posted on January 2nd. The pistol itself took me a long while to perfect, so it may not work to well when you first build it. You might have to adjust pieces and move parts around for it to work perfectly. It's like it takes a while for it to get broken in and functioning the right way.
Knexpert248 years ago
Hey KILLERK, I am planning on posting the magnetised gun today or very soon. It is basically a modification to your gun. It is very powerful. I will post detailed pictures showing you guys how to build it soon.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
i can't wait it sounds awesome plz post it
Knexpert248 years ago
Hey guys, I actually have a couple of creations that I am planning to post soon. I am trying to develop a machine gun too. It is a non portable MG, but it functions greatly with the tests I have currnetly run. It is durable and accurate too. The range is unknown currently and the hopper is still being developed. I also have a magnetic pistol that is very powerful and painful. I also have constructed a few rubberband weapons that shoot a good fifty feet or so. Let me know what you guys think I should post.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Knexpert248 years ago
how do u use the magnets to power your gun?
guitar10068 years ago
How do u keep the small part of the barrell at the front of the gun from sliding backwards towards the handle due to the pressure of the rubberband guns? also instructions would be very nice!
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  guitar10068 years ago
i used two yellow rods as spacers between the front of the barrel and the back of the gun do u c them? there is one on both sides of the clear rods
Amf668 years ago
Please make instructions for this one! It looks awesome and I really want to make it. I'm sure lots of other people would agree!
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Amf668 years ago
when i get time
you should make instructions
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