Introduction: K-NEX Giraffe

Picture of K-NEX Giraffe

What you will need:

1 grey end cap

1 orange connector

4 white circular connector

1 blue circle connector

12 yellow half moon connectors

2 purple connectors

6 red quarter moon connectors

7 grey shafts

2 red shafts

4 yellow shafts

1 white shaft

4 blue triangle plates

Step 1: Head

Picture of Head

Step 2: Neck

Picture of Neck

Step 3: Head & Neck Connection

Picture of Head & Neck Connection

Step 4: Chest

Picture of Chest

Step 5: Chest & Neck Connection

Picture of Chest & Neck Connection

Step 6: Foot

Picture of Foot

Make four of these

Step 7: Foot & Leg Connection

Picture of Foot & Leg Connection

Step 8: Body

Picture of Body

Step 9: Body & Legs Connection

Picture of Body & Legs Connection

Step 10: Chest & Body Connection

Picture of Chest & Body Connection

Step 11: Back Brace

Picture of Back Brace

Step 12: Back Brace & Body & Neck Connection

Picture of Back Brace & Body & Neck Connection

Step 13: Tail

Picture of Tail

Step 14: Tail & Body Connection

Picture of Tail & Body Connection


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-17

Great knex design.

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