This is my KNEX Mini Hand Gun that shoots farely fast.
This is my first instructable. It has a block trigger. I made this when i was bored and to see how to make an instructable.

Step 1: Knex Mini Hand Gun

My Knex mini Hand gun uses 17 Red Conectors, 4 orange conectors, 1 dark grey conector, 1 light blue conector, 3 white rods, 2 red/green rods, 6 green/black small rods and one rubber band.
It uses a block trigger and fires one white rod or two black or green small rods.

Step 2: Barrel

The barrel uses 10 red conectors and one red rod.

Step 3: Trigger, Firing Pin and Handle

The Trigger uses: 1 white rod, 1 green rod and 1 orange conector.
The Firing Pin Uses: 1 red rod, 1 light blue conector and 1 dark grey conector.
The Handle uses: 3 green rods, 3 orange conectors and 1 white rod.

Step 4: Adding the Trigger and Second Barrel

Picture 1: slide the trigger onto the red rod through the hole.
Picture 2: Attach 7 more red conectors onto the red/green rod.

Step 5: Adding the Handle

slide the handle onto the second barrel which contains 7 red conectors.

Step 6: The Firing Pin

Picture 1: Insert the firing pin through the second barrel through the hole.
Picture 2: Put a strong rubber band through the dark gray conector on the firing pin.

Step 7: Where to Put the Rubber Band

Put the rubber band around the handle to the end of the hand gun.
With the right side put it around the front of the hand gun.

Step 8: !!!!Completed!!!!

Warning Do NOT shoot at anyone or something that you do NOT want to Destroy.

Have Fun!
sjjooooosie why block triggers but i cant even make real triggers o_O
good if you're not the gun builder type
I love it!<br>
works but not the best<br />
this is a very good gun! it shoots quite well!
'This is my first instructable.' 'I made this when i was bored' 'and to see how to make an instructable.' three ways of saying that this instructable will be bad.
knexguy how do you know 'this is my first instructable' means it is bad when i made my first knex gun i made a crossbow and it could leave a bruise on you from about 5 feet away and i also made that when i was bored so those two phrases dont mean anything
-_- This comment was made a year ago. but generally people only put 'this is my first instructable' when they are trying to explain away a bad gun.
what does it shoot
you beeeeeeeeeeeeep! you copied my idea!-of the killkerk's gun!>:O now i'll spam you're inbox>:D
The list gets longer every day...
There should be an official knex forum of shame for all the poor knex guns and poor instructables.
I had a dream like this once, every knex gun was exactly the same as the others, oh wait, sorry, that was real.....
Alas, this one is just pitiful. i recall seeing the EXACT same thing hundreds of times...
Who wonts to try and make a knex machette im makeing one so lets see who can make the best one.
ok i will<br/><strong>knex machetee!!</strong><br/>
this is realy crappy if u just want to no how to make an instructable do it on somthing else or post it and delete it
<h2> plz no more guns like this</h2>
<h2> you know how to make BIG letters!!!!!!!!!!!!</h2>
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