K'Nex Bolt-Action Rifle





Introduction: K'Nex Bolt-Action Rifle

An extremely powerful bolt-action gun. Holds up to twelve blue rods in the hopper. Most ideas taken from g12345389's sniper, and I thank him for that. Follow instructions carefully, or it won't work.

Step 1: Handle

Build as shown. Note the spacers at the top of the grip. You can either do this or replace those two with two grey connectors.

Step 2: Bolt/Firing Pin

Very simple. It slides on to the back of the barrel so that a grey rod goes through the holes in the grey connectors.

Step 3: Barrel...Part One

This is the back half of the barrel where the bolt slides in. Take of the yellow connector way in the back to slide it in. Those two black pieces at the end of the picture makes up the trigger.

Step 4: Barrel...Part Two

This is the tricky part. Build exacly as seen so the bullets load in properly. The pieces in front of the barrel are optional.

Step 5: Hopper

Easy to find out. Holds twelve blue rods.

Step 6: Stand (Optional)

Make these and slide them on to the connectors right behind the trigger.

Step 7: Put It Together!

Follow pictures in order. Hopper slides on to the white connectors up front.

Step 8: Lock and Load

Put rubber bands on like this.

To load, put as many blue rods you want in the hopper. If they don't load in straight, take a large rod to push the bullet in. Pull back the bolt. If you don't hear the bullet fall in, take a rod and push it into the barrel. the trigger locks in and...




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not bolt action but instead full function nice 5*

what are the black things betwen the gray yellow conectors

definetily not bolt action...but looks pretty kewl

Turn it upside down, add a mag pusher, and a pump on the yellow connector attached to the ram and this could be pump action! :D

Not true bolt action....

could i use a black rod cuz they're stronger

For all firing pins, use black ones.