An extremely powerful bolt-action gun. Holds up to twelve blue rods in the hopper. Most ideas taken from g12345389's sniper, and I thank him for that. Follow instructions carefully, or it won't work.

Step 1: Handle

Build as shown. Note the spacers at the top of the grip. You can either do this or replace those two with two grey connectors.
<p>not bolt action but instead full function nice 5*</p>
what are the black things betwen the gray yellow conectors <br>
they're y connectors
It's not bolt action.
definetily not bolt action...but looks pretty kewl<br>1*
not bolt action at all
Turn it upside down, add a mag pusher, and a pump on the yellow connector attached to the ram and this could be pump action! :D
Not true bolt action....
could i use a black rod cuz they're stronger
For all firing pins, use black ones.
can somone please help me out and explain the pic PLEASE!!!<br />
is there anything i can use exept the tan clips cos i have about 2
you could use blue connectors instead
use BLUE clips: they're the same except without the little tab.
&nbsp;even though it looks bad (no offence) i still like it!<br /> <br /> guns like those have good range and/or power<br />
does this wapen have a replaceable mag
not good not bolt action<br />
This isn't actually bot action. It's just a semi auto (in K'nex terms)
And is it right that a grey connector is the same as a yellow one
Can you please make a piece list. That would make things a lot easier! Thanks in advance.
I like this gun, but my hopper seems to always get jammed And it would be cool with a trigger, overall nice gun! :)
the best part about this ible is all the crap in the background on the first pic... :-P kiddin. im not gonna rate, i was just making a joke.
WOW! very nice! this is the first gun I have seen that uses my loading method. using the blue/tan lumps to hold the bullet! I figured that out without viewing this though XP
blue/tan lumps rofl, sorry if it sounded mean it was just really funny
its realy fun
the best and i mean it
i know there a gun like this on this site before but one thing im wonderin is if the firing mechanism sticks alot cause last time i built one like this it jammed alot
uhhhhh.... block trigger.... well... its... kinda... pretty... awesom... if i do have any say...:P
hey i put a 2 foot high mag on and it holds about 200 blue rods lol
Your Gun I think is the best block trigger on this site... but the hopper i made from the pic. only holds 8 blue rods w/o it jamming up
on step 3 what is the black connector on the barrel before the trigger HELP???????
u could put a ram on the "clip" (hoppers r for paintball) it might be easier, but idk i haven't mad the gun
anyway love your gun its brilliant, but i found the handle a bit useless t=so i took it off and stuck some other guys stock modded by me on. until i manage to build myself A trigger mechanism i wont fit that handle back on.<br/>
how is this bolt action?
bolt action is when you pull back the bolt and it loads another round and then you hit the trigger it fires and you repeat
i know
this is bolt action because you pull back the bolt the blue rod comes down from the mag you push down on the block trigger it fires you pull the bolt back and load another one and fire....... you get the point
it almost is but its not. You have to pull back the bolt and a new bullet drops or popes up into the chamber. Then you have to push the bolt forward to make the bullet go into the firering chamber, pull the trigger and it fires. That my friend is bolt action this is not.
ya, basically a bolt pushes the bullet into place. like jollex's bolt action gun. you called the ram the bolt.
yay, I've been mentioned.
if you want to make a bolt action rifle do this! You need some way to pull back the bolt and ram at the same time. a bullet falls into a barrel like thing and you push the ram forward to make the bullet fall through a slot into the firing chamber. pull the trigger to shoot the bullet. That would be bolt action!
Well, after you fire, you pull the bolt back to load in a new round and to fire.
Thats not bolt action. All you are doing is pulling back the firing pin and it loads in a new round.

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