Picture of K'Nex Crossbow
A High-Powered K'Nex crossbow that can reach a pretty long distance depending on how many rubber bands you put on it. Its made entirely out of K'Nex and Rubber Bands

Step 1: Make the rubber band holder.

Picture of Make the rubber band holder.
bow center detail.jpg
bow end detail.jpg
This part is critical, so follow the instructions carefully
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SirDaftBunny made it!2 months ago
Pretty cool, although the handle bends a little.
mister knex8 months ago

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Really good crossbow.The accuracy is good, too.
great crossbow 5 star but you should try a different triger like this one http://www.instructables.com/id/bolt-action-rifle/
knexboy5863 years ago
cool 5*
NICK=)3 years ago
i made it and it works
NICK=)3 years ago
this is cool
I made major Modifications to this also :D
i like your moony blanket
Its tiny
thats the point
oh crud... I wanna build this F'in bad... problem is that I can't enlarge pics for some reason... WAH!!!!!
if your not a member you cant make the pic's bigger
There is a youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYcwRZvD3WY . There it has clear instructions.
Marine5214 years ago
It is cool
Very Good I Modded it very rapidly and its is more bigger longer and bullet is changed to have a red conneter on the end to make it more realistic,
also i have mended it so more rubberband's can be added.
Panzer 954 years ago
Anyone made a good looking pistol that fires? Most look kinda rubbish
Panzer 954 years ago
Anyone made a good looking pistol that fires? Most look kinda rubbish
techman264 years ago
its good for its size but it isnt powerful unless you want to risk breaking parts
treejoe4 years ago
good crossbow. have a cookie
the only thing wrong with this crossbow is that if you use enough elastic bands and make it strong enough without to much that makes the grew long bits snap is that the actualy neck could brake so iv made a modded version hope u like it havent started a structional for it yet tho so heres a pic. sorry about the pic on its side
i have done a similar modification and found out that more than 3 rubber bands with bend and snap the gray rods so i modified on with a scope, iron sights, and ended up with longer bow and better handle
sammyhond15 years ago
I modded and post my modded verison . Ye there is a special thanks to you ^^
phillyrocks5 years ago
this works pretty good, are the bands suposed to get caught on those orange pieces?
dragonego (author)  phillyrocks5 years ago
The orange pieces on the Bolts, yes.
dragonego (author) 7 years ago
Coming soon:

post it!
spam on your own instructable =P
omg that thing is awsome 10/10
My sidearm looks like yours, but mine is much smaller, and of course simpler, but it has a VERY RELIABLE MAG that does NOT jam. Do you need pics? or not? (Oh yes extreme builder told me that it must fire larger ammo, so I am modding it now)
is there a parts list?
k so it's next year, which isn't soon. What's the holdup?
god freaking tap-dancing christ (lol) post it!!! it looks so cool :( (getting annoyed)
Ummmmmm you confuze me...
lol im getting angry cause its taking so long
Yeah well it's obviously not going to be posted.
I made it, it jams like heck.
dragonego (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
Yea The new version has some improvments which stop it from jaming And guys, Ill post when I get some time between studying and Playing Gmod :D
Are you actually going to post it? You posted that picture like... 2 years ago.
That stinx
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