This is my first instructable. It is the Needler weapon from the hit game series, Halo.

It doesn't shoot, I only made it as a model so ppl can use their imagination. (Build a real K'Nex gun that DOES shoot, get some friends, give the Needler to 1 of them, shoot them a few times, then take the Needler from the dead Covenant....... I mean "dead friend".)

Step 1: Spacers

These are what make the gun not twist around and keeps it from feeling wobbly when you hold it.

You need to make 15 of them.

Step 2: Bottom Back Half of the Gun

Make 2 of these.

Step 3: Bottom Front Half of the Gun

Make 2 of these.

Step 4: Top Front Half of the Gun

Make 2.

Step 5: Top Back Half of the Gun

Make 2.

Step 6: Handle

Make the handle. It's 2 yellow rods & 11 orange connectors.

Step 7: Make These

Make 2 of these.

Step 8: Make These

Make 2 of these.

Step 9: Muzzle

You know the drill....

Make 2 of 'em.

Step 10: Put the Spacers On

Put the spacers on.

Step 11: Put Spacers on the Bottom of the White Connectors on the Bottom of the Gun

Look at the name of the step & at the pic.

Step 12: Put Spacers in the Top Clip of All the Yellow Connectors

Look at the name of the step & at the pic.

Step 13: Put Spacers on the Top of the White Connectors on the Top of the Gun

Look at the name of the step & at the pic.

Step 14: Complete


You did it!!!!

Please comment and tell me how I did on both the gun as well as my first instructable.
<p>I recently built the needler from HALO. I really don't mean to brag built I impressed myself. I go online to see what other have made. I find this and say to myself, &quot;Not bad, but I like mine more.&quot; I don't mean to sound rude (It's definitely not the worst I've seen) I just want to give my opinion.</p>
<p>could you do better???</p><p>Not trying to be mean</p>
<p> cool</p><p>I made it</p>
this is a 1*
This is 5 years old. &gt;HARD SLAP&lt;
It's terrible, but it's five years old so it dosn't matter, Einstein.
So what? The fact that its old doesn't mean its less terrible...
Because guns where very primitave 6 years ago.
you could make a fireing needler if you have something to make the bullets slide into the barrel from the top of the gun so i am working on making one
dont really like it . make the needler alittle...bigger more complex
Nice gun...Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Don't get me wrong, HALO is a very fun game. (Probably the best shooter) But for some, unknown reason, about 82% of the people that have played HAlO are obsessed with it. Sheesh, IT'S JUST A GAME!!! Don't get overly dramatic...
no wonder its called one of the most addictive games in existence...it's...so...fun!!
I'm not so sure.... Gears of war is better in my book...(P.S.- I have played both games, But don't have an Xbox, so I've only played at my friends' house, so don't bust my A$$ over it.)
Call of Duty 4 is the best, man. Gave me about a month of game play before I got bored.
dude call of duty modern warfare 2 is the funnest game now since it came out this years christmas
multi-player is the fun part campaign is boring as hell
Except for the sniper mission where you shoot off Imran's arm. That was pretty much the only fun level.
yeah, true
PP.S.- I agree with the second part, Most people are obsessed... sheesh...
&nbsp;oh shut up&nbsp;<br /> <br />
halo might hypnotize people...
&nbsp;it doesnt look like a halo needler.... AT ALL<br /> <br />
i grade this F minus minus
not tryin to be mean but this does not look like a needler ill give&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;-100*
MY friend died and turned into a flood
:( that is sad my friend also died and turned into a flood carrier so i took a Spartan Laser and shot the heck out of him
no offence but that is a bad needler
not the best, but hey! its not a block trigger!
ur right! its a no trigger!
i obssessed with halo but believe it or not i gave it up for a while (except building a spike grenade by wolf seril)
master cheif could beat a whole army of the call of duty ppl anyday and all he needs is dual maulers (from halo 3) goooo haloooooooooooo but i am kinda sad u dont get to see master cheif's face too bad
I LOVE IT p.s nick repress HALO ROKS
Call of Duty for Ever...and ever....and ever.........
youtube.com is better and oh i almost forgot ``HALO SUCKS"
I think the same, But have you ever played halo?
very simple, I cannot give any stars. It does not look like a needler.
how long did it take u to make this?
To create the 1st time, about an hour. To build it after to post, about 10 to 15 minutes.
ummm sure
<h2>ss==ss is super sweet</h2>
<sub> good job.</sub><br/>

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