K'Nex Halo Needler





Introduction: K'Nex Halo Needler

This is my first instructable. It is the Needler weapon from the hit game series, Halo.

It doesn't shoot, I only made it as a model so ppl can use their imagination. (Build a real K'Nex gun that DOES shoot, get some friends, give the Needler to 1 of them, shoot them a few times, then take the Needler from the dead Covenant....... I mean "dead friend".)

Step 1: Spacers

These are what make the gun not twist around and keeps it from feeling wobbly when you hold it.

You need to make 15 of them.

Step 2: Bottom Back Half of the Gun

Make 2 of these.

Step 3: Bottom Front Half of the Gun

Make 2 of these.

Step 4: Top Front Half of the Gun

Make 2.

Step 5: Top Back Half of the Gun

Make 2.

Step 6: Handle

Make the handle. It's 2 yellow rods & 11 orange connectors.

Step 7: Make These

Make 2 of these.

Step 8: Make These

Make 2 of these.

Step 9: Muzzle

You know the drill....

Make 2 of 'em.

Step 10: Put the Spacers On

Put the spacers on.

Step 11: Put Spacers on the Bottom of the White Connectors on the Bottom of the Gun

Look at the name of the step & at the pic.

Step 12: Put Spacers in the Top Clip of All the Yellow Connectors

Look at the name of the step & at the pic.

Step 13: Put Spacers on the Top of the White Connectors on the Top of the Gun

Look at the name of the step & at the pic.

Step 14: Complete


You did it!!!!

Please comment and tell me how I did on both the gun as well as my first instructable.



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    I recently built the needler from HALO. I really don't mean to brag built I impressed myself. I go online to see what other have made. I find this and say to myself, "Not bad, but I like mine more." I don't mean to sound rude (It's definitely not the worst I've seen) I just want to give my opinion.

    1 reply

    could you do better???

    Not trying to be mean


    I made it

    This is 5 years old. >HARD SLAP<

    It's terrible, but it's five years old so it dosn't matter, Einstein.

    So what? The fact that its old doesn't mean its less terrible...

    Because guns where very primitave 6 years ago.

    you could make a fireing needler if you have something to make the bullets slide into the barrel from the top of the gun so i am working on making one

    dont really like it . make the needler alittle...bigger more complex

    Nice gun...Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Don't get me wrong, HALO is a very fun game. (Probably the best shooter) But for some, unknown reason, about 82% of the people that have played HAlO are obsessed with it. Sheesh, IT'S JUST A GAME!!! Don't get overly dramatic...

    7 replies

    no wonder its called one of the most addictive games in existence...it's...so...fun!!

    I'm not so sure.... Gears of war is better in my book...(P.S.- I have played both games, But don't have an Xbox, so I've only played at my friends' house, so don't bust my A$$ over it.)

    Call of Duty 4 is the best, man. Gave me about a month of game play before I got bored.

    dude call of duty modern warfare 2 is the funnest game now since it came out this years christmas

    multi-player is the fun part campaign is boring as hell

    Except for the sniper mission where you shoot off Imran's arm. That was pretty much the only fun level.