K'Nex Semi-Auto





Introduction: K'Nex Semi-Auto

This is a gun I made in my free time, and my new hobby is making harmless and useless weapons from household junk. My first one is my K'Nex 3 round semi-automatic rubber band shooter. NOTE: this is a prototype! I know i can make it better so please leave your comments and pictures!

Step 1: Create the Frame

Look at the pictures to figure out how to make the shooting frame thing

Step 2: Make the Handle

Again, look at the pictures.

Step 3: Connect the Two

Pictures, pictures

Step 4: Conect the Two Frames

Use blue sticks to connect the frames. Look at ALL of the pictures in this step if you want to do it right.

Step 5: Make the Barrel

I forgot this step...

Step 6: Connect the Barrel


Step 7: Add These Cool Things.

These things just look cool

Step 8: The Hook

Add the hook, look at the pictues.

Step 9: Loading the Gun

Place the rubber band on the hook and pull back and under the frame. Hook the first rubber band on the second barrel thing. Then load the second one on the first hook of the barrel

Step 10: Shooting

Basically, hold the hooks until you want to shoot. To shoot one, release the hook and put your finger back on the second one. To fire the next one, let go.



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    what duz this piece of junk shoot

    This is almost 7 years old, so of course it's not as good as todays guns. Back in 2006, it was one of the first k'nex guns, so don't call it a piece of junk.

    this is a worthless piece of junk

    Please reconsider your statement, because this was made back in 2006, where innovation was just beginning with the subject of Knex. It developed over years into greater weapons we know today, but this is like one of the original guns made out of Knex that actually work..

    for now days its bad but i guess for back then its ok

    It's a good model but loading it takes like a minute.

    i biult it wercs better then it looks