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Introduction: K-TON Palm Flamethrower

This is a new version of a wrist mounted flamethrower I made this summer. It is similar some others  flamethrower seen on youtube but they all seem to have complex electrical systems. I wanted to do something much more simple. The gas flow control is entirely mechanical. The only electrical component is the ignition system powered with a single AA battery.




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    So do I have to go pro to download the PDF? And is the PDF have the instructions for this?

    This guy is going to burn his house down! He is using them next to a couch!

    grt job man but can you please show us how to make it mount it and fireproof it please

    Very good job man But please give us a blue print that we can download and a list of materials that we need Please do it that will make me very happy

    How did you over come the condensation problem, aka fuel spitting?

    that is amazing :D

    So is there any place we can buy these?

    please send me a list of parts and a blue print

    Make how-to

    i really like it as i am a indian i ma telling you that i want to make a K-TON wrist held flamethrower .so i need an blueprint to make it so , accept my request.And make sure you must send a email to id.

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    Yea, give us a blueprint for one of these, except on Instructables.

    I'd pay 80-100$ for one

    Sometimes you just have to let stupid flow, from your palms, on fire, and it becomes amazing.

    nice. You should do a step by step for this.

    can you please post a how to vid or steps

    how do i make this

    i feel sorry for the guy who come up to you in an alleyway and pulls a knife


    Two words come to mind then Crispy Creme

    I recently made a basic stick mounted flame thrower to use to light a bonfire I was put in charge of. I had three days to design and make it, and it went off without a hitch. I now have until July to try to make one of these to top what I did at the bonfire. Between now and then is another bonfire where I will have a better designed flamethrower, but I want to have a couple of wrist mounted ones to be to surprise everyone with a burst of flames from my hands to use to light the fire. Is there any chance you can help me out with a design for a wrist mounted like this? My main issue with designs so far come in with nozzles and fuel control. I'm asking around for help. Any thing you can to help would be much appreciated.