My mother came up with this fantastic idea to reuse her K-cups instead of just throwing them out. (and goodness knows we use enough of them around here.

Step 1: Keurig K-cup

After a coffee (or other beverage) is made from the cup, dont throw it out. Set it aside and wait for it to cool down. You may want to set it on some paper towel because they do have some water in them still so they will leak a bit.
<p>another one of your<br>great ideas</p>
<p>I'm so glad you thought of this! I just hated throwing them out and so I bought the re-useable cups and just save the coffee, but my husband loves the cups and I will start to love them even more!! thanks</p>
Love this idea! Been feeling guilty throwing these in the trash, I normally save the grounds but I didn't know the filters could go in the compost. Thanks for this!
I've been putting off getting one of these meachines because the K-cups are not recylclable here but this is a great idea to reuse these things.

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