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Introduction: K-nex DNA

I know what you want...you want to be able to have genes in your jeans...whale now its possible, here it is... an instructable to satisfy the knex maniac in all of us...and also throw in a bit of science!

P.S. as I said else where in this instructable my knex is limited and I would love to see bigger versions of this project...also the nucleotide bases should really be different colors so that you can actually code for something =]

Step 1: Get Som Knex and Lets Go!

for this project you will need as many groups of these pieces as you can (see pictures to see what i mean since they aren’t always the same color) 2 yellow pieces, 2 small green rods, 2 small white rods and 1 orange double sided flat connecter. also in one special ocation (the end caps) you will need a red right angle bracket (again see picks)

Step 2: Start Creating Your DNA

Make as many as you can of the following pices...as seen in picture 1

then create 2 endcaps with the red ends...

Step 3: Put It All Together

now connect what you have... like the pictures again...i used 15 links in the end, but thats only because my suply of k-nex is limited =]...if you use more than that i would love to see pictures of your work.

Step 4: Twist

this is the fun part just twist the k-nex up. when i took, these pictures i was holding both the camera and the k-nex so its not as twisty as it could have been, dont wory about cranking on it too much because the joints are remarcably strong. =]

i hope you liked my instructable on K-NEX DNA

cheers, Magicfap



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    Yay whit rods signifying Sdenine, Thyomine, Cytosine, and Genene!! (I know I didn't spell those correctly..)

    adenisine, thymine, cytosine and guanine is how you spell it ;)


    I made one of these for a 7th grade science project, but instead, i used grey and white rods for the nucleotides and i painted the white ones with nail polish too. I made it fairly big, but the main difference i did to it was connect a core piece through the middle of the sequences and attatched a motor at the end so that it would spin. The teacher made me leave it at the school with her, so im afraid i dont have it with me. Fun easy cool project though. I would reccomend making it!

    Who of you hase knex dna in your blood?

     I saw this and decided to copy this idea for my biology project. the only problem that it didnt stay up and didnt stay twisted. it was solved my glueing to boards on both ends, and dowels to keep it twisted...overall, a great idea

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