Picture of K'nex Gun
Single shot, highly accurate k'nex pistol. Easily modified, simple to fire, fires around 50 FPS with a blue rod and two normal sized rubber bands.

Step 1: Gather Parts

Picture of Gather Parts
4 Green Rods
5 White Rods
7 Blue Rods
1 Yellow Rod (Optional)
3 Red Rods
2 Grey Rods

17 Grey Connectors (1 Clip)
9 Light Grey Connectors (2 Clip)
11 Red Connectors
3 Yellow Connectors
1 White Connector
1 Black Connector (Picture Below)

4 Blue Spacers
2 Grey Spacers

3 Rubber Bands
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Rudy39834 months ago

in the items needed list it says picture below; when it should be picture above.

irongiant924 years ago
it's not very sturdy, but it is a good idea.
You know fps stands for feet per second and is a measure of speed not distance =P
i thought fps was frames per second on computer screens and stuff
tytnium (author)  Fred the Penguin6 years ago
yes, I am aware of this. i want to let any potential builder know that this is not the strongest of guns, and chose to use speed instead of range.
You know 50 feet per second is pretty fast its something like 60kph or 40mph which I'm not sure how you measured
I measure by shooting at a wall, or anything that makes a noise for that matter, and keep changing the distance untill it takes one second to hear the noise of it hitting, then measuring out that distance, for instance, my killerk magnum shoots at 65fps. I did this by shooting the gerage door, and well, you can figure out the rest. (yes I am aware your post is sevral months old now)
LOL, I just singned up to say that the guns u guys make are cool but some of you are way to upsessed, you all need to find somthing else to do with your spare time (and this is coming from a 13 year-old)
i like to make my own video games in my spare time!!
i do that with a program i downloaded go to yoyogames.com and download the gamemaker 7.0 or the latest version then use the tutorials to get oriented
bunduk Mepain8 years ago
hey I like doin' that to Ive made quiet a few now with HTML and stuff.
post an instructable cause my webbie sucks!
i taught myself from books
This is coming from a 14 year old. This may be an obsessive hobby, but it's good for your creative thinking.
yes, yes it is. knex is the best creative thinking improver!
Really? With grammar and spelling like that, I'd expect you to be about 8 or 9 years old...
zap89 Trogador7 years ago
pwnage oh yah
lol you guys are so mean...
lol I've been working on my spelling and grammar. (as you can see from previous comments my spelling and such sucked) By the way nice comeback(reply? whichever you prefer)
aall50 Trogador8 years ago
you meane
r3tardeded6 years ago
i say they should ban every single block trigger gun and "simple but powerful" knex gun!
has it a true trigger
jli17 years ago
doubt it can shoot 50 fps
popomaster jli17 years ago
50 fps isnt that fast just to let you know.
I liked it but doesnt shoot very far maybe ehhhhhhhh.. 27ft.... but over all nice pics simple cool gun
thats a funny gun man!
F-zero8 years ago
This is fun, I put double rubber bands on the firing pin and add more pieces past the safety for extra stability. I didn't have many single greys available so i just used orange connectors. I like the trigger system, much better than I could have done, haha.
[Removed by author]
CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you are not interested in contributing to the knex section of the site then just go away and knex is not for 'kids' it is a enigineering product that is safe and fun to use. so if you dont want to join in the fun but instead moan then do what ever you want to do and leave use to enjoy ourselves
no knex is for kids but if adults have nothign else to do or want a hobby then its ok :P
yes i agree
[Removed by author]
there are way more than 20 people but like you said they dont make accounts, and like i said if you dont have anything constructive to say but instead just MOAN then just comment somewhere else or just GO!!!!
[Removed by author]
my god slingshots are even worse you fool
[Removed by author]
there are already many types of knex guns that delivers more energy, and sling shots aren't always accruate
what is your problem???!!!
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