Having a K'nex war with friends? Need to reload green rods fast? No problem. With this speed loader, It's very easy to relod in the heat of battle. It's a pain to take twenty seconds to reload normally, one round at a time. I've cut it down to 3-5 seconds. What you will need...

14 Grey two slot connectors
14 Grey one slot connectors
2 Blue one slot stopper connectors
2 Black clips
22 Blue spacers
2 Brown/Orange two slot connectors
2 Grey rods
7 or 14 Green pieces for ammo

Step 1: The Body

This is the body that holds the green rods. Connect the two bodies with green rods. Pretty easy to follow...unless your a ditz/retard.

Step 2: Clips and Stoppers

You may not have stoppers, but you can use clips instead. Again, very easy to understand.

Step 3: Connectors/ Loading

Put these at the end of the bodies and rods as shown. You can use the one at the end of the rod to attach it to your belt.

Before using the speed loader, simply put seven green rods in each/ one of the bodies, and reatach the blue stopper.

Step 4: Speed-Loading/ Finished

Now, if you atually read the last step, load the bodies and close them up with the blue stopper. To use, simply pop off the blue stopper and pour into the mag of the gun like so.

Now you are finally finished. I know this was a crappy Instructable, but I was sick of loading the dang bullets!!!
Now that I've found this, Ooda's mg seems a whole lot better.
Cool! It is new, but I don't know how many people actually have knex wars...
i do!, but I only use Rbgs
I play 1v1's with large rod firing guns.
i do now.
Yeah, I use my Ak47, another gun I haven't released yet, and my DD-27 Super Pistol.
My guns are too powerful for wars... And I have no one to play the war with... D:
There is no such thing as a gun too powerful to shoot your friends with, I shoot mine with ones that shoot through cardboard. :)
Just remember to wear safety glasses.
Yep... i got hit in the eye once.. that rlly hurts..
I do! every 2 days with 8VS8 And i am a rod firin' freak. Same as my friends so this cumz in handy!!<br/><br/> =D<br/>
i always have knex fights
lol explains your picture
Not really...
nerf fihgts are much better
Ummmm...ok...I still prefer airsoft wars.
yeah nothing beats airsoft fights.
Paintball does sometimes because the people I play airsoft with cheat :(
How could they cheat?Wouldnt the sight of them crawling on the floor in pain tell you enough?unless u use cheap airsoft guns (all of mine are 350+)
I doesn't hurt that bad and we have been playing with 400+fps, mine is 450fps
It does if shot in the skin,there have been times when I bleed a little after Ive been shot.
I have made my friend bleed before and didn't know it until i shot him like two more times, (I think we were playing to three).
the time I bleed was when I got shot with my friends co2 pistol(like 450 fps)and we dont play by how much times you get shot, we shoot each other until one of us gives up.
Was it a crosman airmag c11?
Im not sure but its kinda glock looking,shoots six millimeters and uses really skinny mags so the co2 fits.We got it for40 dollars at walmart.
Probably is, I got a black one from Cabellas.
Thanks...but me and my friends always have them. We have to wear paintball masks.
Yeah. The reason why is because I shot my friend in the face with a blunt round from my Panzershreck RPG.
Why do you have a WWII anti-tank rocket launcher? I think that is dangerous or something......
Doesn't everyone have wars?
no, only Germans with Panzerschreks ; )
So! That doesn't mean it can't take out a tank!
yeah, at least if it isn't filled with sugar, cause if it is.......
um, yay?
I hate it when people post comments like these! I can't follow the link, so I have to go to their orange board. I see you use the triple { technique, I prefer the double , method
Hey, that is <em> MY </em> word, it doesn't work on me! And you forgot the <sup> TM </sup>!<br/><br/>Frapackle <sup>TM</sup><br/>
Frapackle you! it's not <sup>TM</sup>ed! lol<br/>
Awwww, you saw through my scheme like it was plastic surgery!

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