Picture of K'nex Gun Terminology
Just a friendly little guide to familiarize yourself with K'nex terminology.

If you have any complaints or modifications, please pm me and I'll fix it accordingly.
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Step 1: Components and devices

Picture of Components and devices
Rod- The long skinny pieces.

Connectors- The pieces with holes (usually) in the middle that K'nex pieces can attach to.

Rings- Rings that are just holes, usually space fillers that fit on a rod. Usually come in the half-a-connector width blue rings.

Tan Clip... Things- I don't know what they're called. Used for wheels and connectors from spinning on a rod.

Exotic Pieces- Other pieces, like rare or uncommon K'nex pieces or foreign objects like springs.

Firing Pin/Ramrod- The rod which hits the projectile, transferring kinetic energy into said projectile, propelling it through the air. Usually propelled by a rubber band.

Barrel- The section in which the ramrod hits the ammo, made usually by clipping many connectors on to a rod.

Block trigger- A trigger in which a K'nex piece blocks the hammer or ramrod. Usually hit perpendicular to the gun.

True Trigger- A trigger pressed like a normal gun instead of sideways.

Hopper/Magazine- A sort of container which uses gravity to put ammunition into the gun without manually sticking the projectile into the gun. Usually holds rods.

Stock- Like on a real gun, a stock protrudes from the back of a gun and can rest in the armpit of the user or on the shoulder. Used for stability.
LvNo10002 years ago
Thx for this :)
cj814994 years ago
change the pump action link to
Pump-Action Shotgun V3
Semi auto guns use energy from the fired round to operate the mechanism;  When you fire a double action gun, pulling the trigger cocks the mechanism, then it fires.
semi-auto is when you DON'T have to reload after every shot.
Merugop5 years ago
 the blue rings are spacers
Red Impact is not a semi-auto
An Villain5 years ago
change your link to a pump action gun the old one was removed
they are called firing pins not ramrods, a ramrod is a rod used to push something down the barrel
...and the firing pin is technically only used to ignite the gunpowder in the bullet and not actually push the projectile down the barrel. I don't think there really is a term for the part and function that we're looking for here. The closest is a cross-bow or spear-gun, and they don't have a rod that transfers the energy to a projectile, the string is directly in contact with it.
a hammer?
no bolt
No!!! A bolt is different, the bolt houses the firing pin.
no ur rong
no, he is right. Look, 27 is the bolt and 29 is the firing pin
Alright, if "Firing Pin" is more common, then I shall call it firing pin. Thanks for all the help everyone.
KISSfreak7 years ago
good gun
u really like perfect ducks gun dont u
johna1117 years ago
To ME, it doesn't matter WHAT the parts are called just as long as the manufacturer knows what it's supposed to do. I think that"flamin_idot_dude" did a great job.
Danny7 years ago
erm make it a colabaration and what the hell how can you say a piece of knex is exotic or semi exotic
flaming_idiot_dude (author)  Danny7 years ago
Err, it's not that rare but its not like the normal pieces.
um yes it is exotic is like a spring, rubber band or string
flaming_idiot_dude (author)  Danny7 years ago
Ok. No objections?
aall507 years ago
whose gun is that i want to build it!!!
flaming_idiot_dude (author)  aall507 years ago
Click on the Bolt-Action example. It's Perfect Duck's Red Impact.
Mepain7 years ago
A semi auto is not single shot, it is a gun or weapon that fires every time the trigger is pulled.
flaming_idiot_dude (author)  Mepain7 years ago
No, I know that is what semi-auto means, I wrote what the K'nex community uses the word for.
Most beginners only uses "semi auto" for that purpose because that's what they think it means, when the truth of the matter is that they are wrong. The people that have been here for a long time, however, only use the term "semi auto" for what it actually is.
flaming_idiot_dude (author)  Mepain7 years ago
Which is more common? I think there are more beginners than masters
It's true that there are more beginners, but most of them use the term semi-auto as previously stated. This is because a lot of the "masters" have tried to drill it into their heads.
flaming_idiot_dude (author)  Mepain7 years ago
All right, I'll just mention that it also sometimes called semi auto. Is that fine with you?
mmzdaniel7 years ago
the semi auto explanation is wrong, a semi auto is a gun that you DONT have do cock the firing pin, you only need to pull the trigger, and every time you pull the trigger, 1 bullet goes out.
oops now i see mnepain wrote this too....
Easy Button7 years ago
this is good for beginners