Introduction: K'nex Kannon

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This is just a small cannon which can fire at least three small green/black rods a good ten feet.

Step 1: The Base

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A semi-circle and circle snapped together with rods connecting them.

Step 2: Adding Onto the Base

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Two yellow rods vertical and one horizontal for both sides, don't worry about connecting them.

Step 3: The Things That Hold the Barrel in Place

Picture of The Things That Hold the Barrel in Place

Make sure that the green rods are facing up when you pull up the two holders.

Step 4: Connecting the Other Side.

Picture of Connecting the Other Side.

Top view

Step 5: Making the Barrel.

Picture of Making the Barrel.

Only put the blue washers on one side of the barrel (as shown). It saves pieces.

Step 6: Making the Pusher Thing.

Picture of Making the Pusher Thing.

Slide the rubber band through the middle hole on the yellow semi-circle and attach the rubber band to the green rods on the barrel holders.

Step 7: Pictures of What It Should Look Like When Small Green Rods Are in the Barrel and Where to Put the Last Washer.

Picture of Pictures of What It Should Look Like When Small Green Rods Are in the Barrel and Where to Put the Last Washer.

Put the washer between the first two red connnecters when the pusher thing is fully pulled back (not all the way out) so that it will stop the pusher thing from shooting forward.


beanie123 (author)2007-09-11

this is called the fire rod lol

Metal4God (author)beanie1232007-09-12

no its called a ram

masterchrisx3 (author)Metal4God2008-07-01

your both wrong its a ram rod or firing pin

Metal4God (author)masterchrisx32008-07-02

wow dude why did u even reply

masterchrisx3 (author)Metal4God2008-07-02

lol ram rod

Get your mind out of the gutters and clean my roof please.

but this gutter is comfertable

alfpwns (author)masterchrisx32008-10-21

WRONG! a ram rod if for muzzel loaders to push the powder and bullet don the barrel. on other guns a pin called the firing pin Hit the primer and makes that Assplode and shoot the bullet

rrr67 (author)2009-02-02

next time can u not tak pics in the drk!!

pyroboy212 (author)2007-10-27


samando (author)2007-02-25

good cannon..... bad light

funnnnyman (author)2007-02-19

ok soon

kennypc (author)funnnnyman2007-02-20

cool :-)

kennypc (author)2007-02-19

then post it

funnnnyman (author)2007-02-18

i made it so u hav a teriger

funnnnyman (author)2007-02-17

all pst a biger one if u wont lol

funnnnyman (author)2007-02-16

i made this gun and modid it and ti shoots 10 green rods all sho u if u wont

theRIAA (author)2007-02-09

tie a string to the washer

sgt.peanut95 (author)2007-02-09

this ok but i dont like the way u have to fire it

kennypc (author)sgt.peanut952007-02-09

my friends told me that all u have to do if u wanna is just pull it back and let go. I just thought it would be cool to have that washer holding it there.

HamO (author)2007-02-09

Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!

kennypc (author)HamO2007-02-09


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