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Shoots White Rods

From by You and Moded it

In the video, I know the mines are there, I dont know if you can see the white rods shoot, but its still a good thing. Some one walked in my room and I could tell because I heard the things shoot

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need

This is a simple design

you need (for one mine only and no cannon (cannon later)):
48 green rods
24 green connectors
9 white connectors
8 yellow connectors

This is the design, that is 1 mine

all the green connectors have a green rod at both ends of them

Notice that one of them has the extra white connector (this is for the top)

Step 2: Connect It All

Picture of Connect It All

Connect the tips of the spirals with the top white connector

Step 3: Making the Gun

Picture of Making the Gun

You need 3 more white connectors for the gun
7 grey connectors
1 yellow rod
1 blue rod
2 white rods (it fires a white rod)
2 orange connectors
1 elastic band

follow that design

Step 4: Connect the Gun Back to the Main Mine

Picture of Connect the Gun Back to the Main Mine

the Yellow rod that is in the white connectors should be at 9:00 and the green rods that go into the white connectors should be at 12:00 and 6:00

Step 5: Connect the Gun Back Into the Main Mine

Picture of Connect the Gun Back Into the Main Mine

Connect the white connector back into its original position

The top green connector should be at 12:00
The yellow rod should be at 9:00
the bottom green connector should be at 6:00

Step 6: Insert String

Picture of Insert String

Insert some string into the white connector at the top of the mine

Then tie a knot to the grey 1 slot connector that is attacked to the white rod

This rod will be facing down
when the string is pulled, the string will pull the conector, pulling the white rod, pulling the connector that is connected to the white rod, that releases the firing rod and fires the rod

Step 7: Make Another One of These, and Plant

Picture of Make Another One of These, and Plant

There are 2 set up

Its good at night, no one will suspect it


builderv (author)2012-03-01

this is cool i might mod it to have more barrels and make it shoot nerf darts

PYRO MAN97 (author)2010-12-19

help your land mine wont shoot

mr.origami (author)2009-07-31

my dad picked it up and the ammo shot right in his nose it was hilariously funny but hes ok

raz3rblade (author)mr.origami2010-10-27


runthunter246 (author)2009-03-21

i just built this bad boy and my mom thouhht it was a hat so im like no n dont pick it up its loaded!! luckily she didnt. ;] ...great instructable though i like it can make this smaller where u have a long screw driver taped to basicall just the gun...and paint it camo. then have the wire just connected to where u would normally tie it to the gun..therefor its just a lot smaller and harder to see if u were to use it in say airsoft or something of that sort.

Oblivitus (author)2008-08-03

I have an idea: you should make a design with multiple barrels, make a true trigger, dig a hole in the ground, cover it back up with dirt - leaving the very ends of the barrels exposed, and when someone steps on the trigger it will release the pins on all the barrels and shoot straight up.

great idea oblivitus!

Thanks, lol.

you have great ideas oblivitus!

Hmmm, if you think that'd be cool then you should look at my CS2.

lotto69 (author)2008-07-10

whats funny too is that you attach the rope on a door so when he/she opens the door,it shoots at him/her

lotto69 (author)2008-07-10

Lol video is funny =P
she goes through it and when it shotts she goes back =P

Professor Tor Coolguy (author)2007-05-08

boom.tinkle. (yawn)

Well, I cant make it much better, I can mount it on the ceiling?

Professor Tor Coolguy (author)2007-04-27

please listen tobarri kid,man THAT would be COOOOOOOOOL.

(I made it, so I can tell myself?)

Professor Tor Coolguy (author)2007-04-22

or, make a bounding betty mine.

Hmm... I can add some C4?

Professor Tor Coolguy (author)2007-04-22

dude,make a new one that,like,actually explodes in white rods.

bobbyk881 (author)2007-04-07

do you know what landmine means??? it means that if you step on it it will go off but nice desgin

hobo lord (author)bobbyk8812007-04-09

landmines can use wires too but they will be classified more specifically as trip mines

barri_kid (author)bobbyk8812007-04-08

ya, but i dont want someone to step on it... it would break

bobbyk881 (author)barri_kid2007-04-08

thats true

TomMcKiller (author)2007-03-30

these could be a whole lot kooler but i guess they arent meant to be very good at all

barri_kid (author)TomMcKiller2007-04-03

Well, i mean they could be bigger, to have a better gun, but would you notice a giant knex dome? with a trip wire?

Kaiven (author)2007-03-31

snap! this thing is bigger than i though... almost perfect for a helmet...

barri_kid (author)Kaiven2007-03-31

thats what my mom though...

Kaiven (author)barri_kid2007-04-03

yeah, i expiremented, but it is too small for me

beetlegossip (author)2007-04-01

hey what this thing needs is to be hidden it also needs to be secured somehow. another thing is to make a string that is see-through.then you could make it as tight as possible and yeah...

ich bin ein pyro (author)2007-03-29

so how does the mines stay in place? because they could just walk thru the string and pull both the mines with them then they think OH! its a trap and step over the string

You can tape them down?

but tape might not be sticky enough (maybe)

crestind (author)2007-03-29

Nice! At least it's not another tube and stick gun.

Whaleman (author)2007-03-29

yay, u modded my mine

JakeTobak (author)2007-03-29

You may want to rename this, cause it's not really a landmine. Maybe change it to "K'Nex pieces attached with a string that you have to be careful not to walk through."

barri_kid (author)JakeTobak2007-03-29

I could, but i got it from someone's instructable and moded it. its more of a trip wire, but with more technology and biger mines, you might be able to fit a few more gun things in it

barri_kid (author)barri_kid2007-03-29

also I guess you could use fishing wire

you can hook them around doors or make them heavier and the trigger easier to pull

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