Introduction: K'nex Mine

Picture of K'nex Mine

This is a concept for a k'nex mine, meaning that it doesn't fire anything right now, but it is easy to modify it to fire k'nex pieces.

You will need:*

18 Blue
32 White/Grey
46 Green/Black

26 Red/Grey
19 White/Black
8 Green
3 Grey
2 Orange/Brown
16 Grey/Marble

3 Blue Spacers
1 Tan Lock
3 Hands**
1 Small Wheel

*All Numbers Approximate
**I didn't Know what to call these, they are often used as hands for the people

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

The first pic is the finished base, and the second pic is a close-up.

Step 2: Base Cont.

Picture of Base Cont.

The first pic is the finished base, the second pic shows the rams. You will need a total of 8 rams.

Step 3: Top

Picture of Top

Pic 1: The top
Pic 2: I don't know what to call it but it's really important
Pic 3: The bottom of Pic 2, note the tan lock
Pic 4: Putting Pics 1 and 2 together.

Step 4: Putting the Top and the Base Together

Picture of Putting the Top and the Base Together

Attach the red connectors from the top to the green rods on the bottom. The other two pics just show that you need to attach the rams to the really important piece.

Step 5: Another Important Piece

Picture of Another Important Piece

Pic 1: Make this piece.
Pic 2: Attach Pic one to the pieces in Step 4
Pic 3: Make this piece.
Pic 4: Attach Pic 3 to Step 4.
Pic 5: Continuation of Pic 4.

Sorry about the blurry pics.

Step 6: Finished

Picture of Finished

It should look like this. Add rubberbands to the ram, white rods to the bottom of the base, and a string from the Really Important Piece to the Another Important Piece.

And for those of you who want to criticize Knex in general, don't, there won't ever be enough Knex guns or instructables so don't ask. Okay. I take that back. There are too many of the same kind. I never thought I would see the day......


Kinetic (author)2008-12-19

that is cool

hobo lord (author)2007-02-14

Check out my mine!!!!!

thomaswatton (author)hobo lord2008-11-02

Post o and nice name seriosly i like it

Whaleman (author)hobo lord2007-02-14

i did, and i made it, and its awesom, and i added weight so it could be fired over 400 feet away, depends on the string

yeah right! show us a video!

I don't have to. It is such a simple concept.Tie a string to the trigger. Have you done that, or is that too hard for you? Now, add weight to the grenade, enough that when you pull the string, the trigger goes off, instead of the grenade falling over. Now, hide 400 feet away and pull on the string.

reedz (author)Whaleman2008-04-02

I HIGHLY doubt 400 feet

Whaleman (author)reedz2008-04-02

You think that I am saying it will shoot 400ft, don't you? That is not what I am saying. I am saying that as long as you have 400ft away, you can fire it from 400ft away.

reedz (author)Whaleman2008-04-03

So why not state that as long as you have infinite space you can fire it from infinite feet away?

Whaleman (author)reedz2008-04-03

because it really depends on the string. You need an infinite amount of space and an infinite length of string.

reedz (author)Whaleman2008-04-03

So lets say you have an infinite amount of can fire it from an infinite distance. yay dry British humor

Whaleman (author)reedz2008-04-03

Why, this is only possible so long as the space you are in is infinitely large, for it certainly is hard to pull an infinitely long string from an infinite distance if the area you are in is only 50 square centimeters large, yeah?

sona (author)Whaleman2008-07-18

if you wanted to youcould wrap the string around gaia and fire from right behind it, but that would be pointless. Also you could fire from infront of it wrapping the string around gaia. ow.

knexmaniac (author)hobo lord2008-01-10

post it. it still uses too many blues!!! still cool!!!

vodca monkey (author)hobo lord2007-05-04


Undermig (author)2008-08-23

I did it but is it supose to shoot some thing?

Whaleman (author)Undermig2008-08-23

First sentence, "This is a concept for a k'nex mine, meaning that it doesn't fire anything right now, but it is easy to modify it to fire k'nex pieces."

Undermig (author)Whaleman2008-08-24

Ya thats wath im doying...

Whaleman (author)Undermig2008-08-24

No it is not supposed to do something. It is a showcase for the trigger. You can modify it to actually shoot. I don't see what the problem is.

Undermig (author)Whaleman2008-08-24

#1 its to down to shoot...= only target its feet= imposible...# 2 aint enhouf power u would need to setp on string and even that the little shooting things go up aswell...# 3 cool enouf like that?

Whaleman (author)Undermig2008-08-24

I shall adopt your language for the moment.

#1, bcuz iff teh miin wuz talr et wuld b to notisabl. #2 i culdnt ndrstand u, bt i tihnkz wut i wnat too say iz taht et wuz a prtotipe adn et iznt sppozed too fre eht al. et wuz ment too b mudfed too shto. #3 wut duz "cool enouf like that" meen?

Translation for those who speak English;

#1 If the mine was too tall, it would be too noticeable and no longer be effective as a concealed mine.
#2 I didn't quite understand what it is you are trying to say, "There isn't enough power. You would have to step on the string and make the mine shoot upwards"? Anyway, what I want to say is that it is a prototype, and therefore meant to be modified. It is, again, a show case for the kind of trigger.
#3 What the hell do you mean?

Bartboy (author)2008-04-30

I made a trip mine using string! it uses ye old faithfull block trigger and is very basic but it works quite well!

rde (author)2008-01-07

cool, bit complicated for a mine though?

Whaleman (author)rde2008-01-07

It was the first one of its kind when I made it. And the idea was for it to shoot in all directions, and not just spray a bunch of blue spacers in one direction.

snipster (author)2007-08-22

hobo lorde your mine isn't that strng i threw at my friend and it just shot spacers every directions and didn't hit him ps it is over done to flashy u should keep it simplae and effective like the splodie grenade but good job trying to design one because not many peolpe have designed one yet

Knex Rules (author)2007-03-16

Oh yeah what issupposed2 happen when itgoes off??

Whaleman (author)Knex Rules2007-03-16

rite now, nothing. But if u make the barrels longer it will be able to fire little knex pieces, like it says in the intro, this one is only a concept that can be modded to shoot, i was just to lazy to make it do that.

Knex Rules (author)2007-03-16

Do you attach string to the wheel

Whaleman (author)Knex Rules2007-03-16

no, the part in the lower right hand corner and the dark grey piece, thats where u tie the string, then u take the string and put it over the wheel, then when it is over the wheel, u tie it to something far away, and that is what makes it shoot if it is pulled.

smidge147 (author)2007-01-18

u shud make the guns shoot all the same way so all of them would hit the person who set it off

Whaleman (author)smidge1472007-01-18

u culd just make the same thing but make it long instead of round

agent harmsy (author)2007-01-18

lol siblings beware!

Danny (author)2007-01-16

can i just say that from what i see it doesnt shoot the person who stands on it still im gonna make it! really cool idea and your right there will never be enough knex guns

it is not set off if you stand on it it is the tripwire that triggers it

ohhhhh right now i realise

erfonz (author)2007-01-15

you should put up a video if you can

Whaleman (author)erfonz2007-01-16

It doesnt fire anything rite now, this is just a concept

Mepain (author)erfonz2007-01-16

yeahyeah video

crestind (author)2007-01-15

Interesting concept!

Whaleman (author)crestind2007-01-15



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