K'nex Pistol With Shells





Introduction: K'nex Pistol With Shells

This is a knex pistol that uses shells to help reload, however the shells are not required to fire the gun. If you find it hard to follow the instructions or would just like to comment, please feel free to do so. Thank you.

Step 1: Make the Shells

This is a picture of a shell. Make as many as you want, just make sure they are in pairs of two.

Step 2: The Barrel and Rams

This is the barrel, or barrels rather.

Pictures 1-2: These pictures are both of one piece, but you need to make two of them.
Picture 3: Add a grey/black rod to ONE of the pieces you made just now.
Picture 4: Make these pieces. (Yes, the rods HAVE TO BE the orange version of the red rods.)
Picture 5: This is the barrel, or barrels. It is pretty simple, all you use for it is a couple of grey rods, some dark grey connectors, and a few orange/brown connectors.
Picture 6-8: Put the rams in the barrels. Attach the piece with the grey rod attached to the front of the gun. Attach the other piece to the back of the gun.

Step 3: Build and Attatch the Supports.

Pretty simple.

Picture 1: Side view of the supports.
Picture 2: Top view.
Picture 3: Bottom view.
Picture 4: Attach here, to the front of the gun.
Picture 5: It should look like this after it is all built and attached.

Step 4: Trigger

Just look at the pictures and build.

Step 5: Trigger Guard

Follow the pics.

Pic 1:This is the bottom of the guard.
Pic 2:Then add this to the end of the guard.
Pic 3:Attach The trigger guard to the base.

Step 6: The Handle

Follow the pics.

Step 7: Loading and Fireing

Pic 1: Add the main rubberbands to the end of the barrel.
Pic 2: Attach the same rubberband to the tan connectors at end of the rams. (Note: the rams are cocked in this picture.) Also attach rubberbands to the noted areas. If the bands are too strong, then it won't work.
Pic 3: This is the shell. once you cock the gun, pull the trigger. Then cock the gun again and change the shells for loaded shells. Pull the trigger and repeat.



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