Picture of K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun
While experimenting with different ideas for a new gun, I stumbled up the "K'nex Rapid fire Slide Gun". I was searching for a fun way to fire a gun, but still have alot of power. And what better idea, then to have it fire with the touch of a hands. Not everyone have those RARE Cyberk'nex motors that Perfect Duck, and some others have, so this build requires no motors, and no hard to get part. The gun can be easily modified to look as cool as you want. Also, it offers 16 barrels on the one I made, but you can easily make it as long as u want, maybe even up to 100! The possibilities are endless... Special thanks to sharpshot99 for the inspiring barrel design. I hope you enjoy the gun. :) I know I did.

Here is the first version I made of the K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun.

Here is version II, which features the same barrels, except this time, 20, and extra supports for vertical standing. As I said earlier, there are endless modifying possibilies.

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Step 1: Parts Listing

Picture of Parts Listing
All 8 Two Barrel Pieces require the parts shown below. As for the base, it requires, 64 purple connectors, 16 dark purple connectors, 48 dark blue rods, 28 white rods, 6 yellow rods, and 16 green rods.

Step 2: The Barrels

Picture of The Barrels
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00739.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00745.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00741.JPG
Here are some images of the barrel design. They look very close to the design by sharpshot99. I thought that these would be pretty self explanetory. Make 8 of these. Good Luck!

Step 3: The Base

Picture of The Base
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00746.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00749.JPG
The base is the main component in this build that keeps the "K'nex Rapid Fire Sliding Gun" stable. These images are pretty self explanatory, and dont need much explaining. Feel free to modify it however you want. It can be changed to whatever you feel in a snap!

Step 4: Connecting the two main parts.

Picture of Connecting the two main parts.
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00757.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Wood\Desktop\K'nex Rapid Fire Slide Gun\DSC00756.JPG
Here are some more pictures showing exactly what the gun will look like once put together. The notes will explain certain parts.
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OK, I found this site yesterday, found these guns, and now suddenly want to buy some knex . . . anyway, I have an idea for a mod. you take that first 16-barrel starter gun, and put it on a slider powered by a rubber band so that it moves over a pin to push all of the triggers, then you mount that on a VERY sturdy gun handle and have a trigger make the whole thing move and shoot them all. just an idea if anyone wants to try.
people have done that, they just wrapped it around a drum and made that spin, and you have a gattling gun, here is a link to one of my favorites.
I will do it, but that trigger will need to be VERY sturdy, as you said
Bartboy Bartboy6 years ago
sont work very well :(
person buy some knex and show us it sounds amazing.
BLACKROD (author)  flying_robot_syndrome7 years ago
That does sound like a good idea. Go for it.
~Z~5 years ago
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A TON OF BLOCK TRIGGERS PUT TOGETHER!!!!!! lol but good design 3.5 *
An Villain ~Z~5 years ago
it's a straightened gattling gun.
stopanator5 years ago
wakojako6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
I know it's really anyoing isn't it?
st j wakojako5 years ago
blackrod sounds wrong
It's better than red rod lulz
how many blue connectors are in between the grey ones?
4267906 years ago
works awsomer if u use a red axel instead of a yellow one.
oodalumps7 years ago
Use this as a clip for a sub machine gun.
like this
That gun is pintless, 5 shots!
Wow, a new word...pintless. cool.
oup, but it IS PINTless.
Point not pint.
yes yes, what I mean is taht it does not have any PINTS in it.
What is "pints"
It is a UK measurement for liquid, "give me a pint of beer"
metric, not just UK
Not used in Canada....
Hey, we use it in the U.S!!!!
ok i am not good at building without instructions so please post that is looks pretty awesome
I did not make that!!!
im making a gun like this but it fires one bullet when you press the trigger.
that gun is easy to make and there isnt even instructions
Make it shoot at a controlled rate and it would be really cool
zap89 bobbyk8817 years ago
thats it...
how do you make that
idk its not mine
nice gun
its not mine
ak 7 40???????????
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