This is my k'nex rubberband gun that can shoot up to 7 rubber bands at once. It is really simple to build and use. If you have k'nex and rubberbands you can build it. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Collect the Pieces

Collect: Key: connectors connect together with rods
1 rubberband for the trigger
16 Small Green Rods
9 white rods
3 Blue Rods
5 Yellow Rods
2 Red rods
2 Gray Spacers
11 Light Blue Spacers
4 gray single connectors (next to the white rods)
3 light gray connectors (below the small green rods)
1 red connector (below the rubberband)
6 green connectors
3 white connectors
6 yellow connectors
4 orange connectors
3 black tiny rod/connector (next to the light blue spacers, below the white rods, and above the purble connectors)
2 Blue connectors (connects to the Purple connector)
2 Purple Connectors (connects to the Blue connector)

Sorry, my picture is a little blurry.
can u build the gun without those black connectors
You might, but you'll have to mod it a lot.
I would so build this, if I could find a third snowflake. I know this is old, just feel like commenting
nice first gun props man. anyone got any ideas for an easy to build knex sniper?
look up the killerks magnum, u could extend that for a sniper rifle, thats what i did, i also added a handle,scope, and a stock and it shoots over 100ft
f-ing awesome gun but u gotta see mine, i would post it,but i aints got a camera =( how far does it shoot?<br/>
Nice gun, but the handle realy sucks.. try making a better one. But, I love elastic band guns, and this ones pretty cool.
this guns realy cool
Not bad for your first gun. First Comment!!!

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