K'nex Scope





Introduction: K'nex Scope

I'm Here to tell you how to make an awesome K'nex scope.

(Be Nice This Is My First Instructable.)

Step 1: Making the Scope

Make this for pic1
pic 2 find 2 more

Step 2: Finishing Scope

Pic 1 is were you connect those two pieces.
Pic 2 is were you connect the other 2 pieces with the white rod
( Ps pic 2 is kinda blurry and i hope u can find where it goes.)



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    its an acog scope right

    Not a very good scope, but not too bad either. 3.0.

    Nice scope :) IF ENY OF YOU GUYS WANNA CHECK OUT ANY OF MY GUNS FEEL FREE just type in smithinator

    if u could post i would make it

    that rifle is so kwl

    thanks man. You might wanna put it a little lower.

    AWSOME SCOPE!!!!!!! im going to make a sniper soon and im adding this scope to it +6 rating

    pretty good.i would recomend that for scopes people add some sort of glass to make them a scope, not a sight. nice +1 rating

    3 replies

    i'm doing that right now :D

    so, i did it. it works pretty well.(your welcome)

    umm dude its knex.(thx for the rate)

    Pretty sweet looking, but what is the point of a scope that doesn't magnify (sorry if I'm not using the right word) your vision?

    5 replies

    lol its not a real scope, no knex scopes can magnify your vision

    Until maybe, 2 months from now...

    true, get some cling film and it will work

    DANG IT!!!! GREAT IDEA, but mine uses actual crosshairs. I had to take apart my AM77 to see how the scope works : (

    Its more of a sight and cmon man its knex.

    you can just disassemble some binoculars and strap it on to the gun, i did it with a crossbow and it works great