Picture of Very Simple K'nex Target
Here is a simple target I made for my K'nex gun.

You know if you hit it if you put the hook on the very end of a rod then the target will fly off if you did!

And If you think its too simple or stupid, don't comment about it, I posted this for you to MAKE, not for you to bash me around. So if you have a problem with it, Don't bother complaining. I am sick of people yelling at me because its stupid or weird.
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Step 1: The body

Picture of The body
First build the body of the target:

Step 2: Cross

Picture of Cross
Add one cross with an orange connector the middle:

Step 3: Second Cross

Picture of Second Cross
Here you connect the yellow rods to the orange connector:

Step 4: Add hook

Picture of Add hook
Add a hook. If you want it to move in different ways, I suggest you put a ball joint before the hook like this:

Step 5: Other part of hook

Picture of Other part of hook
Last, Just hook a blue rod with a Grey connector to the orange connector and you're done!!
honestly how would you hit it.. there is mostly no area to hit it. not to be mean I like targets and the idea is awesome but theres not a lot to hit.... but its cool so good job
dramamine7 years ago
Really simple, don't you think? Now, make a way for you to easier be notified of hitting it or not.
Computer Maker 101 (author)  dramamine6 years ago
Thus it is titled VERY SIMPLE K'nex Target
How do you know if you hit it?
can u not read it will fly off
for the top part(target)you can use a white snowflake connecter.
cc1218617 years ago
those targets are for true marksmen, and i suggest that you wrap paper around the target for practice
gunnerguy7 years ago
........................???????????????????????i dont get it
gotja7 years ago
i get it if u hit the middle it flys off and if doesnt move u missed
wtf? hows this a target. and how do you no if ya hit it
buterSBob297 years ago
looks cool second comment