K-nex Artillery Car




Introduction: K-nex Artillery Car

This is an artillery car made out of K-NEX. This is my first Instructable and my first K-NEX gun so if there is anything that you think would make it better please comment. It doesn't have a trigger so you just pull it back. If you have any ideas on how to make a trigger please comment.

Step 1: The Parts.

These are the parts you are going to need.
1 silver motor.
12 grey connectors.
2 orange connectors.
4 yellow connectors.
4 white connectors.
6 white sticks.
7 green sticks.
7 blue sticks.
6 grey sticks.
1 rubber band.
2 small wheels.
2 middle size wheels.
2 silver connectors.
2 tan wheel connectors.
4 blue spacers.
pictures and names of supplies below.

Step 2: Putting Together the Axle and Wheels.

This is how you put together the axle and wheels.(Shown below.)

Step 3: Putting on the Frame.

This is how you put on the frame.(Shown below.)

Step 4: Putting Together the Gun.

This is how you put together the gun. (Shown below.)

Step 5: Putting the Gun on the Frame.

This is how you put the gun on the frame.(Shown below.)

Step 6: How to Shoot It.

It doesn't have a trigger so this is how you shoot it.(Shown below.)



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    well i got the gear from the canival set or something like that, i got it for Xmas so i dont know which one it was i'll look it up and get back to you.

    in the back ground it showes that you have a realy big geare where did you get it please write back and look at my knex suspenson buggy

    thanks i'll look it up

    lol heh im new and im really hoping somone will tell me how to put a trigger on it, i coudnt figure out how you got any ideas?

    2 replies

    Actually you can do a simple block trigger, I Might try but I have no time sorry.
    Bacicly a block trigger is this
    ---------------|            --
    Ram Rod  Block  Ammo

    The ram rod is going to hit the ammo if the block moves so the block is the trigger look up mini cannon to understand the simple mechs of a block trigger

    heh thanks i will...

    look 'round the site, and build a few of the k'nex guns you see, and after a while you get the hang of knowing how it shoots. :)