Salut je parle pas tres bien anglais (I d'ont speak english very much) mais sa m'enpeche pas de montrer mon arbalete qui est puissante.
Desole si je me goure en fesant des truc car je comprend pas tres bien.
Sinon je cherche un traducteure car j'aimerais parle a  gorkem's le mec qui a fait the most powerfull k'nex gun voila merci

Step 1: Fini En Un Step

Bon bhen mon flingue est puissant et rapide à faire

Step 2: Rubber Bands

Voila il reste plus qu'a mettre l'élastique.
Moi c'est un gros élastique que j'ai trouvé dans un magazin
first comment and please learn english
I know english... (This is my 293th comment)
<strong>plasmana<em>this is my 44,000th comment?<em><strong></strong></em></em></strong><br/>
Ermmm... I believe you only posted 13 comments so far.
ha (second comment)
Stop posting that, it's so annoying...
you following me? third
maybe? (fourth comment)
howbout 5th
Erm, why does it matter if someone got the first comment?
he did not get first comment anyway, because no comment was made on the instructable.
yes it was!! about the english!!!
i guess.
i kinda know what i'm commenting about
i dunno lol
yay im number6
i dont think anymore
why were you...
why are you?
Because I'm a noobs
yes u r
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Really? cool.... =P<br/>
that's not a true crossbow.
yes it is
English plese
please can u post this again in english
a true crossbow dosn't have a ram.
I need to learn french to build this... (Pour les utilisateurs français) Ich muss lernen, französisch für den Bau dieses...
French. Doy. I speak French.
But you are typing in english... LOL!
that , or get a translator. this site does not require you to speak English anyway, but it does require you to spell correctly(yes i know, my first two instructables have spelling mistakes in them.)
I understand the instructions in inglish but LEARN SOME FREAKIN ENGLISH!!!!! please -_-
Why force him/her to learn anglais? Is the world wide web only for English-speaking people?
most websites i've been to are in english, so is the keyboard i type on and thetv i watch
When you go on the interweb, do you use Google to search for sites? Google often times searches for primarily English sites, unless the search preferences are changed. The TV? You probably live in the wrong country for watching TV not in English. Try moving to le France or Deutscheland.
looks like a pistol
Beh visto che tutti si divertono a parlare nella loro lingua madre perchè io dovrei essere da meno ? Vota antonio !
it doesn't show how to make it!!!! it just shows pic.s of it!!!!!!
J'ai pas que sa à foutre d'apprendre à parler anglais moi aussi je peut te dire sa Brandon123 LEARN TO SPEAK FRENCH !!!!!!!! Et même si je sais pas parler anglais j'ai réussi à faire lr flingue de Gorkem et pas que celui la j'en ai fait plein d'autre
je voudrais un cafe late sil vos plait reader dans le tres anglish voice oui?
Salut je parle anglais trés bien (i d'ont speak english very much)
yo it looks like a 4 year old made this try something like an clip loading bolt action trigger they sure blow the crap out of that
learn more english then : i dont speak english much:ddddddddd ROFL french surrender to me HAHAHAHAA
this could be the best gun in the world and we wouldnt know cuz tis in frenchie put it through a translator on the internet btw nice pics
btw its french. Cais un bon gun, mes les pic ses un peut mal.
umm... yeah looks pretty cool but learn english or i cant make it.
Delete this learn English finish the Instructable then repost

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