Picture of K'nex gun
Most idea's 'borrowed' from KillerK's gun LOL.
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Step 1: THE PARTS (only for the barrel part because it's the most complicated for the entire project.)

Picture of THE PARTS (only for the barrel part because it's the most complicated for the entire project.)
Gather the following pieces for JUST the barrel, this does not include the rest of the gun, so keep your K'nex bin at arms reach.

Step 2: Build the 'Barrel' of the gun.

Picture of Build the 'Barrel' of the gun.
C:\Documents and Settings\Colton\Desktop\Instructables\K'nex gun #1\Finish\Barrel Step 4.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Colton\Desktop\Instructables\K'nex gun #1\Finish\Barrel Step 2.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Colton\Desktop\Instructables\K'nex gun #1\Finish\Barrel Step 5.jpg
Here is the barrel of the gun, it's pretty self explanitory. Be sure there is room at the rear of the barrel for adding the two elastic stands.
Be sure to look at the other angles of the barrel so you get it right!

Step 3: Front Of Barrel Construction.

Picture of Front Of Barrel Construction.
Here's a simple preview just so everyone understands the front piece of the gun. :)

Step 4: Rear of Barrel Construction.

Picture of Rear of Barrel Construction.
C:\Documents and Settings\Colton\Desktop\Instructables\K'nex gun #1\Finish\Barrel Step 7.jpg
Add these two pieces onto the back and then tape the connection so they have room to bend without snapping off incase you put on to many rubber bands. :D
And then add the two small black connectors on the underneath of the gun shown in picture two of this step.

Step 5: Ram/Sniper Rod

Picture of Ram/Sniper Rod
C:\Documents and Settings\Colton\Desktop\Instructables\K'nex gun #1\Finish\Ram 1.jpg
O.K. For this step I was basically forced to use a gray piece because my black 'sniper rod' or whatever was in use in my other gun and i didn't want to take it out.
So I just used a gray rod, but you could use the black rod if you want to, it would most likely increse the performance even though this gun already shoots a good 200 feet.
I also have hotglued the end of the pieces and then wrapped them in tape **WHILE THE GLUE IS STILL WET** to make the gun able to with stand a ton of rubber bands.


Step 6: Trigger Device Elastic Assembly

Picture of Trigger Device Elastic Assembly
Here's a short description on how to add the rubber band on the trigger.

Step 7: Front Handles and Elastic tracks ( Three Connection Red Pieces.)

Picture of Front Handles and Elastic tracks ( Three Connection Red Pieces.)
Take about 5-6 Three connection red pieces and put them on two blue rods, (or longer if you please)
and then take another two and put them on the top of the barrel onto the last set of the short black connectors.
Those will help guide the elastics to keep it all clean. :)
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MAKE BETTER PICS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
connorty6 years ago
mines probily beter.can you be more than 3 m away from the wall and not see the bullet mine can I bilt it in 4 hours and im 10 years old. how long did it take you? please send vid but still cool ;)
Skreetsha6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
what a load of crap just try killerks pistol i mean he even copied off of killerk
BMX ROCKS6 years ago
Killerk's gun is way better!!!!!!!! This gun is a piece of crap!!!!!!1
KNEX.DUDE7 years ago
i like the gun but im not using a hot glue gun on it lol
i know WTF
Van Halen7 years ago
The gun is soooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!
i cant fit the two bits on the rear in step 4, i can only fit one. do i take away one of the green conectors? someone please help!!!!!!
u should really post a vid
i used the black knex rubber bands that come with.. umm... i forgot.. but they are REALLY good. i only use 4, and it doesn't shoot 200ft (i dont think) but its far enough and STRONG enough. the best thing about this gun is that it doesnt take a lot of effort to pull back the rod. some guns are really strong but are a pain in the ass to cock and fire. i shot my sister with this and it made a HUGE red mark on her thigh. good times.. good times.
They come from the trampoline tower set.
yeah. i love the good ol' days
jackster577 years ago
OMG this gun is a killerk copy I ONLY GOT IT TO GO 15 FEET WITH A TON OF RUBBER BANDS
your right
Killa-X7 years ago
Mine shoots a lil over 100 and i got only 2 rubber bands. i got a ton for free and their almost 0.8CM thick and 5 inches long.
to sharpen tip put in pencil sharpener works very well electric though
Dude how many bands to you need to hitch to make this go 200 friggan feet dude this gun owns!
um 400!
Farrus7 years ago
This thing rocks! I'm a beginner with Knex guns.... I used the minimal amount of bands, and still got an average of 25-30 feet with a yellow rod. But it broke because i was attacked by my creepy sister, because i shot her from halfway across the house. Fun times... Good job though.
matt72307 years ago
i made this gun and it is heaps good!!!!!!
pates17 years ago
Dude........ dont me mean to rain on your perade but. Gorkem's sniper rifle is way more powerful than yours. no offence....
kirdaiht pates17 years ago
gorkems sniper only is that powerful because it has very powerful rubber bands, if you would put that rubberbands on this gun, it would be almost equal in power
No this gun would snap like a thin twig. Gorkems is extreamly sturdy.
that is because he uses a grey rod, black doesn't break that fast.
first, the gun would bend even if the bands were even. Gorkems is more sturdy than this so it won't break. And Gorkems is not the best. THE morretti is.
Jake1107 years ago
ok never mind, its explained in step four lol.
Jake1107 years ago
i built this section but i have 3 green rods and 2 orange connectors left over. plus the number of green connectors in your parts list on step 1 are different from the number shown in the picture. this is just making me confused lol. (with the piece names, im using the original colours)
this thing is sick!!!!!
i dont get step 6, can you help me?
nice how long did it take u to make it all work right?
stewmeat957 years ago
wow anyone tired of these remakes yet i know i am {gun to head]
KNEX.DUDE7 years ago
wtas the other gun av ya posted that looks sick
KNEX.DUDE7 years ago
i can ust bout c the picks ere i might b able to do it but try replacing the picks on this 1 plz
crazykilla7 years ago
i agree with jayme it is junk and for the last time plz stop copying killerk try something new like trherculestr and make somethinggood like shooting 200ft and look at me i only started knex guns im 12 yrs old and my killerk pistol already shoots at least 100 ft i wont post anything until i make a record as high as i can like the gun on my picture so maybe work on it for longer i did it and it really helps and sypran ur wrong if fruitfly better than killerk howcome his guns dont shoot further than killerks so u just got wrecked
wow you can talk can't you. you ever heard of a thing called modesty? you ever heard of a thing called spell checker or punctuation? hmmm?
You ever heard of using the shift key?
Your point?
I thought it was obvious...
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