K-nex Mortar





Introduction: K-nex Mortar

I was looking at the other K-nex weapons and thought why not make my own so here it is

Step 1: The Parts

The pieces really important so don't forget to put them on. (lol)

Step 2: Creat the Base & Suport

after you have created them snap em together (the white stick goes to the top partof the red).

Step 3: The Launcher's

Next snap the grays on to the suports. And put the black things on.

Step 4: The Projectile

I havent tested on it much but I think that it goes farther with the one of black pieces on the opposite snowflake thing.



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    how are they the same at all? your just saying that so that people will click on the link...spammers are bad...

    You could try using the orange connectors, they will likly work nice.

    this is pretty cool............. simple yet effective........ i like it :-)

    This thing is really fun in a Knex War! I just camp near the enemy base and then just shoot until ammo is up! Got 3 kills last time i did that :D.

    when i loaded it an stuff it just slipped of the blue connector.. and im positive i made it right