This is my third K'nex assault rifle. The name comes from the fact that my brother james wanted a gun as well, so when I pounded him with my other gun, he could retaliate (Oh shit, Now James Can Kick My Ass Too!)

Interesting features:
10 round side-loading mag
Vertical pin blocker (for firing pin)
Sliding trigger

Step one has been completed, Feel free to comment on that. I make it with mlcad, but I havn't gotten the povray conversions to work, so if anyone else want to give is a whack, let me know.

Has pretty good instruction videos, but he doesn't mention me on the site. The license I released the gun under require attribution, so yell at him to give me some credit or I'm going to have him shut down. :) (blogger and webs.com both respect DMCA takedown notices)

Step 1: The Hopper

Picture of The Hopper
The hopper of this gun is a solution to the problems I had with my 2nd gun. I jammed, BAD. Not often, but when it did, you needed to darn near take apart the whole front end to fix it. That and the fact it took un-godly amounts of time to load (20 rounds, drop in). With this system, ALL of the rounds are accessible at any time, and can be placed properly with much more ease. Both sides open, for both lefties, and righties, and both snap closed securely with no wonkey cut up pieces.

Some of the pictures are of a out-of-gun replica built for better visibility.
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Knex.X2 years ago
Ah.... them good ol' times.
knexboy9593 years ago
Its stolen
Might wanna check the dates pal, like how The Jamalam kept telling everyone...
cecil_love3 years ago
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why didnt you finnish this gun?
zchan11204 years ago
WHAT IS A P90?!?!?!?!?!?
A type of gun. Google it.
yeah yeah5 years ago
you stole this pumpaction p90 from a website
Did you even look at the post dates? This is the original. All other posts of this gun are stolen from this.
www.knexguninstructions.com has the ibles in video.
The Jamalam4 years ago
He also called the gun a P90, which is just a shame.
Kaiven4 years ago
Ahhh memories. I remember building this years ago. Very good gun, one of the best I made. I'll favorite it just for the memories.
mahmel Kaiven4 years ago
So am I, I think this is my first gun I've builded! ;D
Kaiven mahmel4 years ago
K'nex is the best childhood toy.
babygotback5 years ago
how far does it go
ultimachris7 years ago
dude please make the next step cause i've been waitin' for six months
koolkidd made an instructable to finish it
thanks now i can make it
mini grant5 years ago
it looks like a p90
nala beamer5 years ago

did you steal  tht knex gun from weelby?

hey weebly how old are you? and do you know any great places to but knex becaause i need more cux i built so many guns and have no more ammo because every gun i make shooots blue rods
its weebly, and im pretty sure he did
this isn't his!!!!! go on youtube and type in "knex pump action shotgun" its by knexguntutorials.
No, this is his. Knexguntutorials just made a tutorial of it.
You fail
check the post dates of this gun and knexguntutorial's videos.
Knexguntutorials steals stuff! so there!!!!!
Drewzer6677 years ago
If you want to finish it just look at the first picture of the whole thing you might be able to figure it out.
dylan12345 years ago

Blackbird176 years ago
im moded it. I made it about ten times more powerful
Just like I did, lol.
 I basicly had to rebuild the entire gun from scrach.  just to have the yellow fireing rod be red....
KNOW ALL you have to do is make it gray. ill do that.
 since you do i must build it!!!!!
DJ Radio6 years ago
Hey man, are you gonna post pictures of the pump?
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