K'nex Safety Goggles





Introduction: K'nex Safety Goggles

Safety goggles can be bought for less than $10. But why waste money when you can make one for almost nothing?

Step 1: Gathering Parts

Okay, first you need your parts:

1. Two red rods
2. Four red connectors
3. Two green rods (the extremely short ones)
4. Four green connectors
5. Six blue rods
6. Two orange connectors
7. A piece of clear plastic (I used the cover of a food container)
8. Duct tape

Step 2: Make Frame

Make the frame as shown in the pics.

Step 3: Make Lens Holder

Make parts as shown in pic

Step 4: Make Ear Hooks

Make what u see in the pics

Step 5: Assemble

Step 6: Add Lens

Cut out the transparent plastic to shape. Use duct tape to stick it to the lens holder (blue rods)

Step 7: Done!

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    Unuseful because the main thing that might get into the K'nex builder's eyes are K'nex being shot at them with enough power to go through cheap plastic.

    just use a pair of ski goggles thebboy is right. and i made these from 30feet away went clean through glad i wasnt wearing them.

    sorry to break it to u, but these really aren't for much more than looks. most knex guns go right through plastic. maybe make this but replace it with the lens of safety goggles or a ski lense.

    This is a good idea but when you cut down to the bitter facts clear plastic won't really protect you or your eyes.

    well. atleast i know one part of my body is protected from knex.

    oh i 4 got it usually goes thru plastic like this.

    useless 4 me because wen my skewer sniper misfires it always hits my legs or cheek. but good 4 eye protection.

    Hmm... These might be usable while testing k'nex guns!

    cool could be useful when testing knex guns that may backfire

    Goggles, huh? Kinda weird but could be of some use when it comes to testing K'nex guns.

    1 reply