Introduction: K'nex Wheel-launching Gun

Picture of K'nex Wheel-launching Gun

This is a wheel-launching gun. It's my first instructable.Any constructive comments are welcome.

Step 1: The Back of the Gun

Picture of The Back of the Gun

This is the back part of the gun. The group of white connectors is the handle.

Step 2: The Barrel.

Picture of The Barrel.

This is the barrel. It's quite simple and the pic is self-explanatory.

Step 3: The Firing-pin.

Picture of The Firing-pin.

This is a simple, average, firing pin that you can find on other guns.

Step 4: The Back-center.

Picture of The Back-center.

This is the center that will soon connect to the back.

Step 5: The Front-center.

Picture of The Front-center.

This is the piece that is connected to the back-center and the front which will soon be made.

Step 6: The Front.

Picture of The Front.

This is the front of the gun. It's the main piece.

Step 7: Putting It Together.

Picture of Putting It Together.

Put all of the pieces from the previous steps together. This one picture should be enough to understand how to put it together.

Step 8: Putting the Firing Pin In.

Picture of Putting the Firing Pin In.

You will have to put the firing pin in now. It goes through the three gray pieces. You will have to remove and replace the tan piece. Also, the rubber band will go on one of the red rods as shown in the pic. I made a mistake, it goes on the red rod right of the one shown in the pic.

Step 9: The Ammo.

Picture of The Ammo.

The AMMO is actually a wheel. That's new.

Step 10: Where the Ammo Goes.

Picture of Where the Ammo Goes.

You will have to slide the wheel onto the firing pin until it slides into the tab on the tan connector. That way, when the firing pin is pulled back and released, the wheel goes flying.


PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2007-12-20

I just to tell anyone who has or hasn't built this - i didn't expect that many people to build this gun cause it kinda stinks - but anyway, i just wanted to say that the wheel will keep rolling after you launch it.

i like it, used aton of rbs and it hurt really bad

foxtrotfire (author)2007-08-15

hmmm looks cool but how much force does it have if i use those thick elasticks? fifth comment

5th comment is nothing to be proud of.

your right. 6 is all the rage. lOL

Thats right!

It flies like 21 feet, but don't bother building this gun. Check out my sniper, which shoots rods 200 feet

no it doesnt...

What? Oh, wait! Sorry, HUGE mistake there. I meant 21 inches. Man, am I an idiot... But as for my sniper, yes, it does fly 200 feet.

i never said anything bout ur sniper. i built it and its awsome! but i only got like 60 feet lol!

Yeah, if you've read my comments, you will see that I have these special super-stretch rubberbands. They are like $00.50 each. I'm glad you like my sniper!

where did u buy them? knex . com?

Heh, no, lowes.

lol, didnt know they had rubberbands there!

the sage of naruto (author)2008-06-06

this post will not die

Knexman2020 (author)2008-02-16

should i post my knex dinosaur?

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-01-11

Yo, sorry for being so harsh. (I guess i never thought of it that way....) Well, anyway, i'd like to see your instructables, so i'll tell you how to do it. 1At the top of this website near the right, you should see a list that says: You, Explore, Forums, Groups, and Submit. Put your cursor over the submit part and a box will appear that gives your choices of what to submit (you have to be logged in at this time.) Click on new instructable. It will ask you to write the title of your instructable. Write that, then, in the box underneath it, write the main description. Underneath the description box is an empty box. Upload your pictures and take your main picture (a picture that shows the whole gun, car, bow, whatever) and drag it into the box. You can make yellow boxes on your pictures and type in sub-descriptions. If you look closely, you will see that i did a few of the sub-descriptions on my pictures.) You do not have to do sub-descriptions. Now, near theb bottom should be a thing that says Save and move onto next step) or something like that. Click it. Now another three boxes will appear. Make the title of the first step (for example, "The Barrel", and then type a description. For example, "This is the barrel. The pics are self-explanitory, yadda yadda yadda....) Okay, next, add the picture of the step. Once again, you can do sub-descriptions. At the bottom, you can click Save and move onto next step. Keep doing this routine until your instructable is finished. If it is an instructable on a thing that fires or has a somewhat complicated mechanism to it, add a last step (Loading and Fireing) or something like that. Then do steps on what you have to do to load and fire. You can go back and edit your steps along the way, even after you've posted it. Be sure to be very descriptive, but make a good step-by-step instructable. This is mainly it, if you have anymore questions, come and ask me and i'll try to help. (Try and ask on my more recent instructables, for it was only luck that i had looked upon the wheel launching gun.) Also, please comment and, if you want, rate my sniper rifle.

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2007-10-21

Ok, so i put this together in like three minutes. Yeah, i know its not that good... i just wanted to get used to posting stuff. I'm going to take it off when i post my next instructable. Don't worry, my next instructable will be really good.

knex boy (author)2007-07-03

how far does it shoot??? forth comment lol

Kaiven (author)2007-07-03

intresting third comment

Knex Rules (author)2007-06-30

yeah it looks a bit flimsy tho second comment

Easy Button (author)2007-06-30

cool i think first comment

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