K3 Knex Pistol. *new* Shooting System





Introduction: K3 Knex Pistol. *new* Shooting System

About: I like to blow things up and/or shoot them. haha ya, thats all folks.
K3 is my new knex pistol, it uses a NEW mecanism to prime the gun, instead of pulling back on a firing pin, you simple cock the top slide back. Like a airsoft gun, or a pistol. It does use quite a few pieces... but it is well worth it.

here is a video of it working

Step 1: Building the Bottom Slide/barrel.

Follow the pics below to build the bottom slide of the K3 pistol.

Step 2: Build the Top Slide.

Follow the pics below to build the top slide for the gun.

Step 3: Build the Handle.

Once again, follow the pics below to bulid the handle.

Step 4: Adding the Trigger

Follow the pics below to corectally wire the trigger into the gun, this step is a bit dificult... so pay close attention

Step 5: Build the Ram Rod and Add the Rubber Bands.

Folow the steps below to build and attatch the ram rod.

You will need to take the top slide off the gun in order to corectaly put the rubber bands on the gun.

Step 6: RE-attatch the Top Slide, and Add Its Rubber Band.

Look at the pics, once again you will need to pay close atention to how it all goes together.

Step 7: Your Done! (how to Shoot.)

Congrats, you have sucsessfully built your very own K3 pistol. cool.

To shoot:
1.Pull back the top slide of teh gun to cock it.
2.Release the top slide, it should jump back to its original position, and leave the ram rod cocked.
3.Put a blue rod into the barrel.
4.Put your finger on top of the rubber band that holds the trigger. (inbetween the rubberband and teh bottom of the gun.)
6.Pull the rubber band downwords.



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    Look for a pic on an instructable of a new version the instructable is called new Knox gun


    4 replies

    LOL. im not married. I do have a girl freind, but im not married. I just like the ring. lol. ~Justin

    yer if he is married there are 2 things rong with the position of the ring 1: not on the ring finger 2: not on left hand

    so i just got back on instructables, and found this at the time i was 12 and had no clue if i saw a ring i was like omg married

    lol awsome... INPORTAT QUESTION...z--- 1. does this gun load itself 2. if so how much amo and wat sort does it hold 3. are there any good substitutes for the half circles cos i aint got 43 lol :p looks good : )

    its a cool gun handle sucks though redisining it

    This is my favorite gun on instructables but the handle really needs work

    The shooting mechanism is VERY inconvenient. I really like the trigger idea though urah03!

    pretty sweet gun but the handle sucks thats why i made a new one its awsome i would have added a pic but i ran out of battery.

    world best knex gun
    rock on

    this gun sucks

    its pretty dam av,especially if you have to use oranges and wites instead of yellows 2/5

    nice concept, but keep working. im trying to mod it with a real trigger and a removeable clip... but idk how long that will take...

    Is this a gun that shoots knex?

    How do you like the trigger i added to it?

    4 replies

    thx fer the image i couldn't think of how to make one