K9 B.S.M.G. / the K9 Shepherd (V.2/3)





Introduction: K9 B.S.M.G. / the K9 Shepherd (V.2/3)

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The K9 Sheperd,
A bullpup Sup Machine Gun,


Why K9 and Sheperd?
Well my dog is a Sheperd and I loved the show K9 dogs, and it sounds awesome

What is so special about this gun?

Unique iron sights,
no fancy big shot bullpup high pinpull system
nice mag cap; 11/12/13
nice looks
removable stock

now the pro's and con's

- unique
- looks pretty daft
- removable mag
- good sights
- tac rail
- has grip(creddit goes to reddy)
- made in like 36 minutes(all own disign EXCEPT the grip)
- true trigger
- new mag well mech!
- accurate barrel

- uses a shut Y conector(trigger)
- bad triggerguard(well V.1 didn't have one at all)
- front grip is kinda close to the triggerguard
- uses some tape

uber special fact!
the bullets can be stacked in the barrel for rapid fire/ auto fire AND! still will increase the pin pull!(beat that everyone HA, IN UR FACE)

is much better then the Pulsar,
might post internals
(pics were taken late)



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    I want to rebuild this but I kinda forgot how the magwell worked..

    BTW the K9 is also the name of the barrel system, will might be shown later this year

    thx, it's a prototype for a burst mech, every bullpup blocks behind the mech, and mine is in the front, so you can stack up the bullets, and then "burst fire" the gun,

    get it?

    Looks pretty good bro, but I would change the first picture with the fifth picture. It it much more descriptive. I don't have much time to comment now, but this looks pretty good. =D

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    Because I hate that,like just wait for the damn instructions, and most of the time they make a big mistake and say the gun is bad

    Well that is a good reason but really they shouldn't judge unless they built it correctly.

    true btw this is destroyed so yeah,

    and V3 was a little bit longer and had reds magpull grip

    but it's kinda "full"auto

    I made it like so(not on purpose was to lazy to make a huge pinpull) you can get a bullet from the mag, push it forwards, and repeat that, untill you have a huge pinpull and RAPID FIRE DEM BULLETS