K9 B.S.M.G. / the K9 Shepherd (V.2/3)




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Introduction: K9 B.S.M.G. / the K9 Shepherd (V.2/3)

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The K9 Sheperd,
A bullpup Sup Machine Gun,


Why K9 and Sheperd?
Well my dog is a Sheperd and I loved the show K9 dogs, and it sounds awesome

What is so special about this gun?

Unique iron sights,
no fancy big shot bullpup high pinpull system
nice mag cap; 11/12/13
nice looks
removable stock

now the pro's and con's

- unique
- looks pretty daft
- removable mag
- good sights
- tac rail
- has grip(creddit goes to reddy)
- made in like 36 minutes(all own disign EXCEPT the grip)
- true trigger
- new mag well mech!
- accurate barrel

- uses a shut Y conector(trigger)
- bad triggerguard(well V.1 didn't have one at all)
- front grip is kinda close to the triggerguard
- uses some tape

uber special fact!
the bullets can be stacked in the barrel for rapid fire/ auto fire AND! still will increase the pin pull!(beat that everyone HA, IN UR FACE)

is much better then the Pulsar,
might post internals
(pics were taken late)



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    I want to rebuild this but I kinda forgot how the magwell worked..

    BTW the K9 is also the name of the barrel system, will might be shown later this year

    thx, it's a prototype for a burst mech, every bullpup blocks behind the mech, and mine is in the front, so you can stack up the bullets, and then "burst fire" the gun,

    get it?

    I might consider rebuilding it

    Looks pretty good bro, but I would change the first picture with the fifth picture. It it much more descriptive. I don't have much time to comment now, but this looks pretty good. =D

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    I haven't uploaded all images but that's also because I DUN WAN PEOPLE TO BUILD IT FROM THE PICSSSS

    Because I hate that,like just wait for the damn instructions, and most of the time they make a big mistake and say the gun is bad

    Well that is a good reason but really they shouldn't judge unless they built it correctly.

    true btw this is destroyed so yeah,

    and V3 was a little bit longer and had reds magpull grip

    Ahhh... oh well. I know how it goes try new things then something else comes to mind.

    but it's kinda "full"auto

    I made it like so(not on purpose was to lazy to make a huge pinpull) you can get a bullet from the mag, push it forwards, and repeat that, untill you have a huge pinpull and RAPID FIRE DEM BULLETS