Hey guys. Well, I got a really good response from my preview(s), so I decided to post. If you want to know more about the gun itself, see here. This gun is a ton of fun to shoot and to admire, and is effective and efficient...for a model. Oh, BTW, we NEED your comments here. Please post your thoughts, as mikeasaurus would want to here from you.

-The Red Book of Westmarch
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Step 1: Body and Internals

In this step you are going to build the body and the internal mech. This step ought not to be to hard, but if you ever have any difficulty, just ask. Keep the Image Notes in mind, as they will help you. Broken rods are required, but that ought not to be a problem.

Step 2: Cookie Break

Picture of Cookie Break
Go ahead and take a break, you still have some building yet. Eat a cookie, play some video games...actually, I would never stop building, so I don't know why I'm asking you too. XD

Step 3: Pistol Grip / Handle

In this step, you will be building the not-so-comfy grip. It is a simple step, and you should not have to many problems. I don't see any super-blurry pics, but, again, if you have any problems, just ask. :-) Yes, this step requires 5 broken blue rods. Just break 'em, there always useful anyway.

Step 4: Magazine, Trigger Guard, and Extras

In this step you will be building exactly what the title says you will...the magazine, the trigger guard, and the extras (side plates and selector gears). This step is rather simple, and should not provide any problems for you as a builder. Get to it...Again, if you have any problems or questions, just ask.

Step 5: Banding the thing...

Picture of Banding the thing...
In this step you will need 3 size #64 and two size #117 bands. These provide the trigger pull, the SMP pull, and the FP bands.

Step 6: Comment and Subscribe

Picture of Comment and Subscribe
This instructable is courtesy of The Red Book of Westmarch. Comment and subscribe...
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Is there really such a book?
Your name. Is there really a book called The Red Book of Westmarch?

I do not have many questions and I love this idea, but I did want to say, it would be great if on your next tutorial you could have a little more words, on some I was a little stuck for a while because of a lack of words, but otherwise awesom

Well, I thank your for your support, and for your advice. This was one of my older instructables (posted back in Feb 6, 2013), but many of my newer posts have image notes (if you click on the picture you want to know more about, I might have a description that will help you out). Thanks again man!

Would build, but don't have hinges.
You don't need hinges. They are only there for looks.
What could they be replace with?
Anything you want really.
Kona-chan1 year ago
hmmm i don't have the hingers, can i replace them?(maybe going to build it soon)
No, you don't need the hinges. =D
Here you are :)
Knex KAP 40 004.JPG
Thanks bro! You did great! Would you mind writing a review for it?
I will once I have done the M14
i tried a webley and it...
Awe, that is too bad. =(
man red i made a tribal spear, two epic swords, a flail, a mace, a musket, a flintlock, a Beretta, knives and i just don't have time to post them.
Wow dude, you must have been busy with your K'NEX. =D
ikr lol
i do now.
Good. =)
don't you have any other handle fed pistols?
Non other than my RSMG (its a forum topic) and my SA XD .45 ACP...
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Well I feel like I'm turning over to the dark side..... I got a hack saw blade and a pre broken rod. Time to make some new parts.

Just so you know I'll boring the handle mag design and the mech for a gun I am making. Credit will be posted as well, no worries.
Hey bro, good to here form you again. =D No problem, and technically, the handle "mech" is not mine, its BM's. You are not turning over to the dark side, you are turning to the age of enlightenment. XD
I don't know it was pretty dark in the tool box, they said they had cookies.... I didn't find any though...
Cookies? Where are cookies?!?!
Well to start, there's one on step 2, but that's just one. We're going to need many more than that so let's search this place!
Here ya go!
The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 2 years ago
Walther MPL anyone?
Yes what? I have one built already, but it needs some little amount of work. I don't want to post it too quickly, because people seem to like guns more when there is a long wait between each gun.
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