KAP-V (K'nex Programmable Automated Vehicle) V2.0





Introduction: KAP-V (K'nex Programmable Automated Vehicle) V2.0

This is my second robot- thanks for the comments!
Improvements over Mk1:

Large program length (20 Chain links)
It takes much less of the program to turn (5-6 white pegs instead of 12 in the old one to turn 90 degrees!)
Smaller, more compact design
Quite tough- the old one was flimsy
All-in-one program unit and chassis-yeah monocoque (if you don't know what it means go on wikipedia)
Faster- Bigger wheels
Only 4 red gears because of the direct drive to the wheels

Only works well on flat, smooth surfaces because of low ground clearance- so I couldn't put castor wheels on it- I put skids on instead
Jerky movement due to new pick up wheels

You like?
Get buildin'

Video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYB7Abs6ojI&feature=channel_page

Step 1:

The Basic frame

Step 2:

Adding the motor

Step 3:

Wheels+Chain Programme



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    I guess people aren't interested in robots- instructable users ALWAYS search for guns

    It's a real shame, things like this deserve to be featured or at least have more comments.

    7years into the future... Definitely!

    Ingenious! Maybe I'll use this one day, with the correct credits of course ^^

    I built this now, but the chain keeps faling apart and their is too much friction against the white connectors that help the chain a long the bottom.

    How many chain links are used? Btw, this is AMAZING.

    I'd like to copy this idea and expand upon it. I'd credit you entirely though

    hi this is so cool im gonna build this!

    Wow nice! Thats perfect for me, I like both Knex and programming! 5*

     Ah, I have noticed this, I will post a third version which will resolve this problem, an it will have a castor wheel - Are you referring to the white rods on the chain?

    5 replies

    You could invert the chain. So when it gets to where it used to fall off it just pushes it in tighter.

    It doesn't matter what direction they are in - the pieces will still come off. Try it yourself.

     The problem is that it catches on the side of the body, so it needs to be widened. I will post instructions when my arm is better

    O sors 4 wastin ur time

    I'm sorry if I missed something, but how do you build the chain?