KAP-V (K'nex Programmable Automated Vehicle) V2.0





Introduction: KAP-V (K'nex Programmable Automated Vehicle) V2.0

This is my second robot- thanks for the comments!
Improvements over Mk1:

Large program length (20 Chain links)
It takes much less of the program to turn (5-6 white pegs instead of 12 in the old one to turn 90 degrees!)
Smaller, more compact design
Quite tough- the old one was flimsy
All-in-one program unit and chassis-yeah monocoque (if you don't know what it means go on wikipedia)
Faster- Bigger wheels
Only 4 red gears because of the direct drive to the wheels

Only works well on flat, smooth surfaces because of low ground clearance- so I couldn't put castor wheels on it- I put skids on instead
Jerky movement due to new pick up wheels

You like?
Get buildin'

Video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYB7Abs6ojI&feature=channel_page

Step 1:

The Basic frame

Step 2:

Adding the motor

Step 3:

Wheels+Chain Programme



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I guess people aren't interested in robots- instructable users ALWAYS search for guns

It's a real shame, things like this deserve to be featured or at least have more comments.

8 years into the future........totally!

7years into the future... Definitely!

Ingenious! Maybe I'll use this one day, with the correct credits of course ^^

I built this now, but the chain keeps faling apart and their is too much friction against the white connectors that help the chain a long the bottom.

How many chain links are used? Btw, this is AMAZING.

I know this is a while ago, BUT AMAZING IDEA