This is the new and improved version of my assualt riffle. It has a black dot sight and is powerful and gets decent range.
Try a tight barrel, instead of the loose one that you have, to prevent the ram from flopping around, I find that loose barrels are much more suitable if they have a pin guide. Anyways, nice job. 5*
first look at my KARV3. Second it doesn't flop around because there are metallic blue pieces that center the ram.
The V3 looks good.
Worst handle ever.
Don't be so negative.....you've been known to post harsh comments for no reason. Try lightening up a bit, it might help.
dude look at the third version
change handle a bit, cept for that 4*
did u c my v3 <br>
nope gunna check it now:D
Dude you need to add a pin guide.
ok i know in the pic its slanted but thats only because i had the rubber bands in the wrong position. i dont really need a pin guide. if this becomes a major issue i might put one on
Lol i didnt actually see that picture. you will be able to put a lot more bands on if you have a decent pin guide.
thats nice to know
Much better.... fix up the handle, and the back of the pin.
i know the handle can be a bit of an issue but the back of the firing pin? what do you mean?
Just put a ball joint socket on it, then wrap it in tape. what you have there is incredibly chunky, it will decrease range by a tonne.
i tried that and it didnt help
Add a pin guide.
if i do that it will decrease the amount the ram goes down the barrel and that does decrease the range
SO MAKE THE PIN SMALLER DAMNIT, and you don't know much about physics. As long as it hits the bullet, then it won't get more power. Add a pin guide. It only needs to hit the bullet a tiny ammount for it to go out of the barrel.
but then it would fall of alot
Do what I told you, and it will work.
when i go into knex wars with my friends reliability is the number 1 priority and your method just promotes range and power but i want something i know will work and your method just doesn't work for me sorry
You don't know half the stuff I know. This isn't to promote range, this is to improve the gun you imbecile.
so what if you know 20 billion times the stuff. what you don't know is how the gun reacts. and tape looks horrid to me on a gun and i dont want to be taping and re-taping on the ram. your idea wont improve the gun i tried it. stop being a negative nancy - eric cartman
also i only have a limited space of my ram left so the friction in the mag would decrease the range by a ton because the ram would not push the bullet completly from the friction of the bullets in the mag
Connector ammo is the worst type of ammo. Make rod barrels. I thought this shot blue rods, instead it turns out to be a piece of ___. Fix it up now, as the problem you just announced is only for connector ammo.
it can shoot both. i just figured i might add that in. i hardly ever use that shell in the gun. i use it when im out of of ammo and i see one of these lying around
kool! post when you fix the handle tho... what does it fire?
blue rods
also shell that are made from an orange connector connected to an green rod connected to a blue single connector
It looks like a mini rifle!!! 5* :) and i agree with ~Aeronous~ fix the handle :)
i know the handle is a prob so one day ill fix it
Very unique
thank you
sweet gun 5 stars!
thank you very much
Wow this is really cool! 5*
thank you very much
im not planning on posting because instruction would be pretty difficult and im too lazy

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