Looking around I find ALOT of awesome ideas on Instructables....so I decided to marry a couple of my favorite.

 I had recently broken a handle off a hedge trimmer and recalled the instructable from  BARTOLO:                           https://www.instructables.com/member/bartolo/ to make a D.A.R.C. - Defence Attack Rescue Claw.
***************************************And I thought...hey thats cool...now what?!*****************************

Then I recalled the instructable from Vitizop https://www.instructables.com/member/Vitizop/ and how to make a Survival Knife from a secateurs...
****************************************and im thinking...ok, getting better!*************************************

Then I see the 'ible from Mrballeng https://www.instructables.com/member/Mrballeng/ and how he made a Fish Bone - Knotless Gear Tie...
****************************************Now Im thinking...lets make this menage trois happen!***************

and so my Survival/Combat Fish Bone Karambit was Born.

Step 1: First, Trim Some Hedges, Break a Tool...thensmile

I was trimming some hedges, and thought i could trim a branch that was WAY to thick, and SNAP!

So now I have a one legged hedge trimmer...NOT SO FUN.
Gather your lame trimmer and start to disassemble..

You will only need:
- the blade side of the trimmer
- a set of files ( small triangular, small round, and a fine flat)
- Drill and/or Drill Press with 5/8 bits, i had to use 2 becuase i have cheep bits...if you are a baller, get the good ones.
- a hack saw with a carbide thread blade 
- a bench vice
- a beer (optional)
- and the template from the attached photo (thank you MrBalleng) ( it will measure 1/2" x 2" when cut out) I tweaked the design to fit the small portion of the blade piece. .... you'll see

bad ass!
<p>This is not a karambit knife</p>
Hmmm.... Ok. Suggestions?
<p>es perfecto!</p>
This is intense! Feel free to break more stuff. Good work.
Thanks man!<br><br>i am keeping this puppy sharp. I'm wondering if some of my hunting buddies would want to try this as a skinning knife... Coupled with the fish bone part the pairing makes sense. What do you think?<br><br>.... Oh and since its hardened steel it can pry too!<br><br>i thought of adding a grip of some type but i liked the slender handle. I need to break more shears or get some steel and a plasma cutter.
Wrap it in paracord for a handle! Then it stays slender ish and you always have paracord!
What is the one on a necklace is that the claw one
Insane project! Keep that spirit alive!!!
If I were in need of broken tools I'd put an ad up on my local Craigslist (assuming your in the states) and then I'd make a couple phone calls to some mom &amp; pop hardware stores. I'm fairly certain that once a store warranties a product and the manufacturer signs off on it said store simply tosses the broken bits. <br><br>Wouldn't hurt to call and ask. You may just strike gold. <br><br>Great instructable too! I'm a big fan of the fishbone and knives so to see the two together brings a smile my face. <br><br>Keep up the good work!
Fair play, kydex is a plastic that can be used the make custom knife/pistol sheathes <br/><br/>http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=3lczZWgN4Kg&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D3lczZWgN4Kg
Amazing instrucable, it might be worth getting hold of some farriers rasps there made of good steel and a lot of studs/stables just throw them away. It would be less expensive than breaking shears :P you could also make a sheath of kydex making it look even more badass
What is Kydex? <br> <br>The thing i liked best about this steel was it was hard enough to be indestructable but soft enought to be workable, but more importantly the foot was already the perfect size to make the fishbone pattern. <br> This puppy has already been useful around the house, in the garden, etc. I might make another with a sheath and attach it to a BOB....
Nice work. Looks nasty.
Thanks! Sharp too!

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