Here is the new assault rifle I made. It has removable mags, shoots gray connectors, and shoots really far.
PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE! Tell what I can do to improve the gun.

KAST R4: https://www.instructables.com/id/KAST-R4/
As I said before, RATE!

Step 1: Build the Front/Barrel and Stock/Ram

It might be hard for some to follow, but it's all you get because there are no more pictures. sorry if you can't figure it out.

Step 2: The Main Body

I know it looks dumb like this, but build it anyways.

Step 3: Scope OPTIONAL

Optional scope

Step 4: Connect the Pieces

Connect the pieces

Step 5: The Magazines... and Loading Them... and Putting Them in the Gun

the magazines... and loading them... and putting them in the gun

Step 6: Done!

If you need help leave a comment or pm. I respond to PM's faster though so keep that in mind.

Why is this the top rated in K'nex Category: Pistol?
I dunno. I probably put that in there on accident.
i like this better than the v4 because it looks better
Yeah same.
wow! i built this gun and its one of the best i ever built! 5*
no problem.
The mag is placed too far to the front, usually the trigger and mag are close to eachother, other than that, it's very good!:D
Um... I designed it, so I can choose where they go. :) Thanks anyways!
Oh wait, I had to say: I like it if the mag is closer to the handle'<br>But yeah you're right, it's your design;) btw has it a good range?
;) It's cool. It did have good range for a gray connector shooter. The handle is the worst part of it.
Yeah it's pretty very fat:)
Oh well.
ANOTHER THING THAt has reached 5*, hackers, hackers, hackers!
Hey, it wasn't me.
sorry, new rating system alllows 5*
I have been making knex guns for years now, and out of the bunch i have made this is easily one of my favorites. If you are thinking about building it just build it it may take you a wile if you are new to making knex guns but trust me if you build it right you will be happy.
reminds me a bit of the z35... 4.5* :)
Thanks and yeah a little bit.
it is cool gun 5* does the mag work on the KAST 4
epic! 5*<br />
thanks! :)<br />
i'm definitely going to make this, if i have enough pieces! it's very good!<br />
Cool!<br />
looks awsome<br />
good<br />
gun looks great, but i didnt get the power i was looking for. also the drawback for the ram is very hard. maybe i just havent worked out the kinks yet.<br />
Hmm.... that's weird. Is everything connected properly?<br />
the gun is fine now. i stretched the bands further and modified the bolt to pull back the ram. also i like the mag design.
Okay cool! Please rate!<br />
Kinda...<br />
I don't see any g36 (best gun on earth) or m4 (peice of <a href="mailto:sh@t" rel="nofollow">sh@t</a>) in the gun at all.
I know, it was my friend who said it.<br />
Its okay
ya<br />
Why did it hyperlink my word?
no clue<br />
i dont really like your instructable... but its a nice gun... but it looks too much like the z35..... hmmmm<br />
Okay. What's bad about the instructable?<br />
well the camera is nice but your very assertive... its still a good gun though<br />
Okay. I get it.<br />
Also you never said what the gray 1 slot connector with the Y connector on it was for. How do you use it?
Second to last pic. Its the safety switch.<br />
Thanks, works wonderful! 5*
Thanks!<br />
What's a bullpup?
When the magazine and bullets are behind the trigger.<br />

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