Introduction: K.B.K (Knex Bug Killer)

Check my Shrapnel Spreader too, as it's the first ever knex time bomb on the site!

This is a pretty sweet little K'nex gun, inspired by Killerk's block trigger pistol.I
t shoots about 35 ft with one rubberband double-folded.
With two rubberbands please, do use in combat :D.

-Very good power/weight ratio.
-Sturdy design.
-Easy to shoot.
-Good accuracy.
-Low parts-use.

-Block trigger!

Step 1: Trigger Spacers

Buid this part twice.

Step 2: Handles

Build this twice aswell.

Step 3: Barrel Extention (Not Required)

Build this part once.

Step 4: Trigger

Build this once.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Pic 1: put the firing pin in the rear of the gun
Pic 2: put a tanned connector on the firing pin
Pic 3: get this piece
Pic 4: place it on the right rod like so
Pic 5: place 4 white connectors
Pic 6: place a handle
Pic 7: get this piece view pic 3
Pic 8: place it the same way as the other
Pic 9: build this
Pic 10: place it like so
Pic 11: get these two parts
Pic 12: put them like so
Pic 13: Close Up
Pic 14: place a white connenctor with two y-shaped connectors
Pic 15: put on five red connectors
Pic 16: get this part (again)view pic 3
Pic 17: place it like so
Pic 18: Close Up
Pic 19: place four red connectors
Pic 20: place the other handle
Pic 21: get this piece (again again) view pic 3
Pic 22: place it like so
Pic 23: Close Up
Pic 24: Another Close Up
Pic 25: place three red connectors
Pic 26: get this piece (again again again) view pic 3
Pic 27: place it like so
Pic 28: Close Up
Pic 29: place a red connector and a white connector
Pic 30: how the barrel should look like
Pic 31: place a rubberband around the trigger to the bottom of the handle like so
Pic 32: add these
Pic 33: place this on the top of the gun
Pic 34: place it as shown

Step 6: Ammo

A yellow rod with a red connector as shown

Step 7: Rubber Bands Emplacement

Where to place 'em

Step 8: The K.B.K

Have freaking much fun with my gun!!!


Skreetsha made it! (author)2008-08-18

Should i post this gun??? It's called: The Bischoff. It features the same shooting system as killerks sr-v1 but, i made my own design that was more compact then the actual sr-v1. With a good rubberband it has a range of 160 ft with the longest barrel i've built (34 pieces of yellow connectors in a row) but the accuracy goes away with 70 ft. It has two handles to give you a more steady shot and if you like, you can take of the bipod. So, what's your conclusion? Post or not???

The Shrapnel Slinger and The Bischop 003.jpgThe Shrapnel Slinger and The Bischop 001.jpg
bardinslayer made it! (author)bardinslayer2013-08-27


legomman200 made it! (author)legomman2002010-04-09


Jesus. made it! (author)Jesus.2010-04-16

lol. It's been posted for two years!

ol987986 made it! (author)ol9879862010-07-16

I made it and it is the best gun i have ever built....

H1T4TCH1 made it! (author)H1T4TCH12010-10-17

Viccie was a good pro with funny ideas... Know he has left :((((

Merugop made it! (author)Merugop2009-08-29

Viccie i made every side-arm and pistol you posted but i wanna make a good sniper battle rifle please post a rifle that doesn't use to much knex (sorry for my bad english)

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2009-08-29

Where you from then? Holland? I think so, 'cause "Me rug op" sounds like Dutch ;)

Merugop made it! (author)Merugop2009-08-29

jup dit maakt prate een stuk makkelijker en WOW DAT DING IS GROOT

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2009-08-29

Wat is groot? Dit miezerige ding? Zoek m'n ADU Bazooka 's op, dat is groot! Lol :P

Merugop made it! (author)Merugop2009-08-30

Vpoor mij is het groot want volgensmij heb ik minder dan dj radio

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2009-08-30

Dan heb je echt weinig ;) Hoewel DJ alweer wat meer K'nex bij elkaar heeft gesprokkeld. Maar als je deze groot vind dan heb je echt te weinig k'nex. :P

Merugop made it! (author)Merugop2009-08-31

kheb maar 65 gele dinge maar ik ga meer kopen

SonicX 22 made it! (author)SonicX 222010-05-08

 sometimes i wish i could learn other languages so i can insult my bro without him knowing what it means XD

H1T4TCH1 made it! (author)H1T4TCH12010-10-17


Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2009-08-29

Ik ben Hollands, vandaar :P

dwhdwhdwh made it! (author)dwhdwhdwh2009-08-21

is it a block trigger

Merugop made it! (author)Merugop2010-05-09

 Uhhmmm no bcz bl.ock's are noobish and viccieB is pro -_-

maid63 made it! (author)maid632008-11-26

definetely! post it

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2008-11-26

LOL! It got posted a loooooooooong time ago! XD

maid63 made it! (author)maid632008-11-28

um... i knew that

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2008-11-29

Oh.......? Lol, did you thought this was a new gun of me? XD

maid63 made it! (author)maid632008-11-29

sure lets go with that ;D

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2008-11-30


bardinslayer made it! (author)2013-08-27

wow i have alaways needed one of those

bighead5454 made it! (author)2010-07-22

What is so bad about block triggers? The most powerful rifles/pistols i have made/found are block triggers.

H1T4TCH1 made it! (author)H1T4TCH12010-10-08

i like block triggers cause they are very reliable

Wafflicious made it! (author)2008-12-09

lol i went bug hunting with my corner cutter!!! so fun!

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2008-12-10

But i didn't do it on purpose. I think killing bugs for fun is cruel even though they are little.

ol987986 made it! (author)ol9879862009-10-12

yeah thats so true, even if they are annoying. ishoot little annoying brothers instead.

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2009-10-14

I shoot my stupid neighbour kids.
They are running around like crazy tearing down everything in my garden,and that while they are not even allowed in!
So sometimes when i see them, i grab my sniper, lol.
But most of the time they look up first to check if i'm not there.

DJ Radio made it! (author)DJ Radio2009-10-15

Did you ever get them?  Did they ever steal your ammo?

KnexFreek made it! (author)KnexFreek2009-12-01

i shot my sister in the head with my hell slayer about a week ago, both shots hit her and she cried. i got grounded. but it was only for a day and i ended up sneeking out anyway. thankyou first story bedroom :)

~Z~ made it! (author)~Z~2010-02-05

 ONE day?Thats all?

KnexFreek made it! (author)KnexFreek2010-02-05

 yep. my parents didnt even know what knex was back then. So they thought it was like a little blaster and didnt care much

knex_mepalm made it! (author)knex_mepalm2009-08-05

i make paper beetles and paint them to look real and stuff them with some gut-like objects then get a rod, sticky tape some paper at the end of the rod to squish bugs, does this work with killing rats? i found one in my back yard

Wafflicious made it! (author)Wafflicious2008-12-10

lol i only kill those (fake) lady bugs from japan that theres millions of.... and those sugar beetles .. yuk!

An Villain made it! (author)An Villain2009-06-04

japanese beetles, or colorado potato beetles?

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2008-12-10

Still, i think it's cruel. You may like it but i don't. :-)

thomaswatton made it! (author)thomaswatton2009-01-04

i agree

Wafflicious made it! (author)Wafflicious2008-12-10

no .... wats cruel is ticks... .ticks be cruel.... but you can have your opinion ;)

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2008-12-11


blingblong made it! (author)2009-11-22

ewww i squished the living crap out of a spider like all its guts were on the red connector! *shudders* ewwwww
great gun =P

DJ Radio made it! (author)2009-07-30

this gun is terribly overrated. No offense or anything.

mikstr2 made it! (author)2009-07-11

finnaly! a decent block trigger besides killerks

Skreetsha made it! (author)Skreetsha2009-07-13

Thanks! :P

UZI dude made it! (author)2009-05-16

I built this gun and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

UZI dude made it! (author)2009-05-14


An Villain made it! (author)2009-04-30

3 bands do not use period

Der Bradly made it! (author)2009-03-31


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