Check my Shrapnel Spreader too, as it's the first ever knex time bomb on the site!

This is a pretty sweet little K'nex gun, inspired by Killerk's block trigger pistol.I
t shoots about 35 ft with one rubberband double-folded.
With two rubberbands please, do use in combat :D.

-Very good power/weight ratio.
-Sturdy design.
-Easy to shoot.
-Good accuracy.
-Low parts-use.

-Block trigger!

Step 1: Trigger Spacers

Buid this part twice.

Step 2: Handles

Build this twice aswell.

Step 3: Barrel Extention (Not Required)

Build this part once.

Step 4: Trigger

Build this once.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Pic 1: put the firing pin in the rear of the gun
Pic 2: put a tanned connector on the firing pin
Pic 3: get this piece
Pic 4: place it on the right rod like so
Pic 5: place 4 white connectors
Pic 6: place a handle
Pic 7: get this piece view pic 3
Pic 8: place it the same way as the other
Pic 9: build this
Pic 10: place it like so
Pic 11: get these two parts
Pic 12: put them like so
Pic 13: Close Up
Pic 14: place a white connenctor with two y-shaped connectors
Pic 15: put on five red connectors
Pic 16: get this part (again)view pic 3
Pic 17: place it like so
Pic 18: Close Up
Pic 19: place four red connectors
Pic 20: place the other handle
Pic 21: get this piece (again again) view pic 3
Pic 22: place it like so
Pic 23: Close Up
Pic 24: Another Close Up
Pic 25: place three red connectors
Pic 26: get this piece (again again again) view pic 3
Pic 27: place it like so
Pic 28: Close Up
Pic 29: place a red connector and a white connector
Pic 30: how the barrel should look like
Pic 31: place a rubberband around the trigger to the bottom of the handle like so
Pic 32: add these
Pic 33: place this on the top of the gun
Pic 34: place it as shown

Step 6: Ammo

A yellow rod with a red connector as shown

Step 7: Rubber Bands Emplacement

Where to place 'em

Step 8: The K.B.K

Have freaking much fun with my gun!!!
Should i post this gun??? It's called: The Bischoff. It features the same shooting system as killerks sr-v1 but, i made my own design that was more compact then the actual sr-v1. With a good rubberband it has a range of 160 ft with the longest barrel i've built (34 pieces of yellow connectors in a row) but the accuracy goes away with 70 ft. It has two handles to give you a more steady shot and if you like, you can take of the bipod. So, what's your conclusion? Post or not???
&nbsp;post<br /> <br />
lol. It's been posted for two years!<br />
I made it and it is the best gun i have ever built....
Viccie was a good pro with funny ideas... Know he has left :((((
Viccie i made every side-arm and pistol you posted but i wanna make a good sniper battle rifle please post a rifle that doesn't use to much knex (sorry for my bad english)
Where you from then? Holland? I think so, 'cause "Me rug op" sounds like Dutch ;)
jup dit maakt prate een stuk makkelijker en WOW DAT DING IS GROOT
Wat is groot? Dit miezerige ding? Zoek m'n ADU Bazooka 's op, dat is groot! Lol :P
Vpoor mij is het groot want volgensmij heb ik minder dan dj radio
Dan heb je echt weinig ;) Hoewel DJ alweer wat meer K'nex bij elkaar heeft gesprokkeld. Maar als je deze groot vind dan heb je echt te weinig k'nex. :P
kheb maar 65 gele dinge maar ik ga meer kopen
&nbsp;sometimes i wish i could learn other languages so i can insult my bro without him knowing what it means XD
Ik ben Hollands, vandaar :P
is it a block trigger
&nbsp;Uhhmmm no bcz bl.ock's are noobish and viccieB is pro -_-
definetely! post it
LOL! It got posted a loooooooooong time ago! XD
um... i knew that
Oh.......? Lol, did you thought this was a new gun of me? XD
sure lets go with that ;D
wow i have alaways needed one of those
What is so bad about block triggers? The most powerful rifles/pistols i have made/found are block triggers.
i like block triggers cause they are very reliable
lol i went bug hunting with my corner cutter!!! so fun!
But i didn't do it on purpose. I think killing bugs for fun is cruel even though they are little.
yeah thats so true, even if they are annoying. ishoot little annoying brothers instead.
I shoot my stupid neighbour kids.<br />They are running around like crazy tearing down everything in my garden,and that while they are not even allowed in!<br />So sometimes when i see them, i grab my sniper, lol.<br />But most of the time they look up first to check if i'm not there.
Did you ever get them?&nbsp; Did they ever steal your ammo?<br />
i shot my sister in the head with my hell slayer about a week ago, both shots hit her and she cried. i got grounded. but it was only for a day and i ended up sneeking out anyway. thankyou first story bedroom :)
&nbsp;ONE day?Thats all?
&nbsp;yep. my parents didnt even know what knex was back then. So they thought it was like a little blaster and didnt care much
i make paper beetles and paint them to look real and stuff them with some gut-like objects then get a rod, sticky tape some paper at the end of the rod to squish bugs, does this work with killing rats? i found one in my back yard
lol i only kill those (fake) lady bugs from japan that theres millions of.... and those sugar beetles .. yuk!
japanese beetles, or colorado potato beetles?
Still, i think it's cruel. You may like it but i don't. :-)
i agree
no .... wats cruel is ticks... .ticks be cruel.... but you can have your opinion ;)
ewww i squished the living crap out of a spider like all its guts were on the red connector! *shudders* ewwwww<br /> great gun =P
this gun is terribly overrated. No offense or anything.
finnaly! a decent block trigger besides killerks
Thanks! :P
I built this gun and its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
3 bands do not use period

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