Introduction: KBR5

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The KBR5 is my newest and best gun yet. With a working charging handle that actually cocks the gun, this gun is sick. It has some other good features any well designed knex gun should have, such as removable magazines, a pin guide, and rails. The handle folds back for easier storage. There are no official ranges, but it has been tested to make sure it fires (it does fire). Instructions will be made.
I am going to make a video soon!



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    Love it. Looks kinda cool, some good features. If/when this is posted, im definetly making :)

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    Sure the charging handle pulls the pin back, but how far? Also "other good features any well designed knex gun should have" are not necessary, neither is the folding handle. Also looks like something out of MW2.

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    I'm not sure how far I'd have to check. I never said the folding handle was needed. Okay be picky. Maybe you don't need those, they just help. And you are kinda right about the MW2 thing, but I never thought about it.

    I wonder if the charging handle idea would work with a bolt action mechanism. That would be a good feature for my ACR.